What does the ACCA CERTDIF syllabus cover

by Eduyush Team

ACCA's CERTDIF is a leap into the future for finance professionals. Its a easy integration to Finance into the new world of emerging technologies like AI, Machine learning, Robotics etc.

So what is the ACCA CERTDIF syllabus

The certificate is divided into 20 units, each lasting around one hour. The certificate structure includes learning materials, sharing experiences, and reflection through notes.

The syllabus is divided in four sections namely

  • Here and Now
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Future Disruption
  • Digital Transformation

The detailed topic wise of the syllabus is as under

 Introduction and overview

  • Overview
  • Pre-earning confidence questionnaire
  •  Background reading
  • The digital accountant: digital skills in a transformed world
  • The race for relevance: technology opportunities for the finance function
  •  My notes

1.Here and Now 

a.Big Data  
Big data characteristics
Quiz: Big data
Technology components
 The value of big data
Big data types
 My notes

b.Data analysis

Different types of data analysis
Quiz: Further analysis
Discussion: self-analysis
 My notes

c.Data Science  

What is data science?
Data scientists
 Activity: Discovering technologies
Activity: Deploying algorithms
 My notes

d.Analytic Tools 

Different analytic tools
Quiz: The right tool for the job
Discussion: Your toolbox
 My notes

2. Emerging Technologies 

a.Machine learning 

The history of machine learning
The process of machine learning 
Algorithmic bias
Applications of machine learning
Quiz: You against the machine
 My notes

b.Robotic Process automation 

Robotic process automation in finance
The robots are coming
Robotic process automation in the finance function of the future
Robotic process automation: the future of technology in financial services
Discussion: the robots are here!
 My notes 

c.Artificial intelligence& intelligence augmentation 

Artificial intelligence
AI in accounting
Intelligence augmentation
Discussion: the benefits of AI
Discussion: you and AI
 My notes

 d.Data preparation, transformation, and infrastructure 

Data types
Common issues
Tools for preparing data
 My notes

e.Data Visualisation

What is data visualisation and why should I care?
How do I visualise data?
Discussion: data through your eyes
 My notes

3. Future Disruptors 

a.Blockchain technology 
What is blockchain?
Applications of blockchain for accountants
Quiz: blockchain brain? 
b.Bitcoin and cryptocurrency
The history of bitcoin
What is bitcoin, and how does it work?
Beyond currency
Quiz: money matters
c.Deep learning
What is deep learning?
Deep learning algorithms
Deep learning in accounting
 My notes

d.Embedded & self-serve analytics 

Why embed?

Examples: NFL and The Beatles

Where to embed?

Embedded analytics in accounting

4. Digital Transformation 

a.Digital transformation: the role of finance 

Video: digital transformation Q&A

Digital technology in accounting

Video: digitising finance departments

My notes

b.Roles and responsibilities 

Identifying opportunities and setting a strategy

Video: Opportunities and strategies

Creating the right culture

My notes

c.Managing digital change 

Driving innovation 

Identifying risk

Achieving digital changes

Video: managing digital change Q&A

d.Digitizing internal processes

Digitising administrative processes

Lean manufacturing

Video: digitising internal processes Q&A

Spare a thought for the humans

e.Digitising products and services 

Digitally enhancing products and services

Common risks of digitising products and service

Skills, credibility and infrastructure

Examples: using data

The course ends with an emphasis on the digital revolution, where do you fit in.

We have also had a chance to look at some of the reviews on this course, which were put out on linked in, do read them here
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