ACCA subjects List. What are the subjects in ACCA?

by Eduyush Team

Accountants looking to sit the ACCA exam must choose from various ACCA subjects to succeed. The best way to decide which subjects to study is to understand what they are.

This blog post will outline each ACCA subject and provide an overview of what they entail. After reading this post, you should understand the ACCA paper names and make an informed decision about which ones you want to focus on. Let's get started!

ACCA subjects List

The ACCA Exams has three levels and students need to complete thirteen papers

ACCA Applied Knowledge papers

The Applied Knowledge exams are designed to provide students with a broad introduction to the world of finance and develop their essential understanding of accounting.

There are three exams at this level.

Business and Technology (BT)

Business and Technology will teach you how to be a better business person by understanding the different aspects that go into running an organization. You'll learn about ethical behaviour regarding employment practices and economic influences like competition law or tax codes; these classes cover what it takes for success and contain essential lessons on integrity too!

Management Accounting (MA)

The course will teach you how to manage finances in an organization so that it can support businesses with their overall performance. You'll learn about different techniques for planning, controlling and monitoring business activities from finance professionals with years of experience leading companies worldwide into a success!

Financial Accounting (FA)

Upon completing this exam, you will be able to demonstrate technical proficiency in using and interpreting basic financial statements. You'll understand how double-entry accounting works with sole traders, partnerships, companies & simple groups alike by learning various required principles when preparing any type or size report!

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ACCA skills level subjects

The Applied Skills exams will help you build on your existing knowledge and understanding of finance to develop solid and broad skills necessary for success in any industry.

There are six exams at this level, and they are.

F4 Corporate and Business Law (LW)

You'll develop knowledge and skills in understanding the general legal framework and specific areas that relate to your business. 

F5 Performance Management (PM)

The course will teach management accounting principles and how they can be applied in different aspects such as planning, decision making for performance evaluation or control.

F6 Taxation (TX)

The course will help you develop your knowledge and skills relating to the tax system as it applies to individuals, single companies or groups of companies.

F7 Financial Reporting (FR)

You will develop knowledge and skills in understanding accounting standards and the theoretical framework of financial statements preparation, including groups' analysis & interpretation.

F8 Audit and Assurance (AA)

The course will teach assurance engagements and how to apply them in your professional regulatory framework. (click here to read passing tips on F8)

F9 Financial Management (FM)

As a finance manager in the investment, financing and dividend policy decisions, you will develop knowledge of all aspects of these fields.

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ACCA professional level papers

The Strategic Professional Level Exams will help you to develop your unique blend of technical, ethical and professional skills. And if that's not enough, there are also four different options for specialization, which means no two people take these exams the same way!

For students who have completed their CA, the ACCA subjects after CA are as follows:

These exams are


Strategic Business Reporting (SBR)

The Strategic Business Reporting exam requires you to demonstrate your ability to make strategic business reporting decisions and on concepts and theories of how these work within the corporate environment. You will be tested mainly based on knowledge about different types of reports which can lead an organization towards success- so make sure that when taking this test knows exactly what information they need!

Strategic Business Leader (SBL)

SBL provides a blend of technical, practical and professional skills you can use in your exam or job. This includes learning about ethical issues like confidentiality and professionalism as well!


Advanced Financial Management (AFM)

You will be expected to exercise financial management skills as a Senior Financial Executive or Advisor in the private and public sectors. These include understanding industry trends and managing risk through sound judgemental practices such as budgeting for future growth.

Advanced Performance Management (APM)

You'll learn how to apply relevant knowledge and skills and exercise professional judgement in selecting the proper techniques for different business contexts while contributing your expertise towards evaluating performance or development strategies within organizations.

Advanced Taxation (ATX)

With significant taxes on financial decisions and situations, you will provide relevant information to individuals about how these affect them. You'll also exercise professional judgement in giving advice that is best for your clients based on the knowledge they have given us so far!

Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA)

The Advanced Audit and Assurance exam test your skills to see if you are up for the challenges of an assurance engagement. You will be asked questions about what it takes to prepare well and assess the risks involved with different projects/clients. And analyze changes within industries to keep ourselves informed!

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In order to sit the ACCA exam and become a qualified accountant, you must choose from various ACCA subjects. This blog post has outlined the ACCA Subjects list in detail so that you can make an informed decision about which ones to focus on. We hope this information proves helpful as you begin your journey to becoming a certified accountant! If you would like to pass the ACCA exams in one go, do browse our ACCA online courses or ACCA approved books.