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ACCA books. Questions? Answers.

No ACCA doesnt provide any books. You have to buy from one of the approved content partners.

Red our detailed blog to get a comprehensive guide on the ACCA subjects.

ACCA's examining team has assessed the following publishers

BPP Learning Media and 

Kaplan Publishing.

They offer the very highest quality content available.

Studying with ACCA-approved content will ensure you're getting the most relevant and accurate information possible.

Ebooks are carbon neutral. You cant print them.

Ebooks can be accessed on any device or browser.

Post payment we email you the ebook codes with activation instructions.

BPP uses as its ebook reader

KAPLAN uses Kortext as its ebook reader.

Both the publishers have their mobile & Desktop apps. is an authorised seller.

Delivery timelines for ebooks:

BPP Ebooks - Books from Applied skill levels and strategic levels are instantly emailed on payment. Applied knowledge level ebooks are emailed within 1 working day.

KAPLAN ebooks - Ebook codes are emailed within 2-3 working days

It depends on the following three factors

1) Which level are you on

2) Which subject you are looking for, and

3) Do you prefer easy English or conceptual heavy language.

We have analysed all of these in our detailed blog.

Read our detailed blog by subject here.

If you are in self-study mode and need a little bit of extra help. You can opt for the BPP ECR combo. The pricing is reasonable and will help you pass your exams in one go.

We recommend you always take the combo of 2 books per ACCA subject.

The 2 approved ACCA partners have different names for their books, but essentially are the same

BPP Learning Media: 1. Workbook 2. Practice and Revision kit

KAPLAN Publishing: 1. Study text 2. Exam kit

It's always cheaper to buy the combo in one go rather than buying them individually.

Becker stopped publishing ACCA books in 2018.

ACCA book publishers publish books only in two formats.

1. Paperbook

2. Ebook

Free ACCA study material downloads or PDFs are illegal. Eduyush doesn't distribute or give free downloads of these books.

Downloading any BPP or KAPLAN ACCA PDF download from the net or WhatsApp or telegram groups goes against the ACCA ethics policy, and ACCA can take action against the students, including removing them from the records. We recommend students read the below link.

Read ACCA's policy on illegal downloads here

Buying at eduyush

We have been selling ACCA books since 2020.

We get customers from around the world for our books as our customer service and response to any queries is by far the fastest.

Do read our online reviews left by our customers on or Google us to check our legitimacy.

Our pricing is one of the lowest globally and is already marked 30% to 40% over the retail prices.
We are happy to offer discounts as under:

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