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AICPA accounting courses  enhance your credibility and open new doors by demonstrating the powerful combination of your technical expertise and commitment to competency and continued learning.

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You can get your AICPA certificate using the four steps.
1) Enrol for a certificate of your choice. Eduyush will get you your AICPA study login within 1-2 working days
2) Complete the learning modules. You have one year to complete the
3) Pass the assessment at the end of each module. Most AICPA certifications need a 70% pass rate. You can take an assessment as many times
4) Receive your digital badge within one to three working days,from

Most AICPA certifications don't have an expiry date unless they are mandated by other regulatory bodies.

For instance, IFRS requires you to be updated every two years, so your certification also is valid for two years.

COSO certifications are basis the current framework and are valid on the basis of current framework

You can get an update to your certification at a fraction of the course cost

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) is the professional organization of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), with more than 650,000 members in 170 countries.

It's the world's largest authoritative accounting body for finance professionals. Due to its sheer size, Global Recruiters and Finance leaders are well aware of the quality of the AICPA credential.

An AICPA certification is a career -booster, providing you with professional recognition to differentiate yourself among others and promote a lasting influence on your clients or organization.

With an AICPA certification, you enhance your marketability, demonstrating your confidence, competence and commitment to continued learning.

The AICPA site regularly posts jobs from top recruiters around the world.
Most recruiters do have a familiarity with the AICPA brand name, and it signals to them a strong CV if you have done an AICPA certification.

Here's a link to the jobs posted on the AICPA site.

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