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Embark on your journey through the complex world of ACCA with a selection of top-tier ACCA books. Whether tackling the ACCA F1 papers or diving deep into advanced modules, our comprehensive selection caters to every stage of your ACCA journey. Choose from renowned publishers like Kaplan and BPP, ensuring you have the best study material.

🌍 Global Learning with ACCA Portal and ACCA UK

Connect with students from around the globe through the ACCA portal and study ACCA in prestigious locations like London or Ireland. Our portal provides access to essential resources such as ACCA syllabus exam tips, ACCA study hub login, and a detailed ACCA papers list to streamline your study process.

📖 Tailored Study Plans with Kaplan ACCA and BPP ACCA Books

Optimize your learning with structured guides from Kaplan and BPP. From detailed subject outlines in the ACCA subjects list to exam-specific strategies in ACCA skill-level papers, these books are designed to enhance your understanding and boost your exam readiness.

🔍 ACCA Study Material: Designed for Success

Gain access to a wealth of ACCA study material, including ACCA study material PDFs and interactive resources like the ACCA study hub. Engage with practical tools such as the ACCA book exam feature and comprehensive ACCA exams list, which help you track your progress and prepare effectively.

🎓 Comprehensive Coverage of ACCA Modules and Papers

Explore the breadth of the ACCA curriculum with materials that cover every aspect, from ACCA knowledge-level papers to the ACCA full name and structure. The fees and details for the diploma in IFRS ACCA are also readily available for those looking to specialize.

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Eduyush is more than just a bookstore; it's your portal to the global ACCA community. Access essential tools like the ACCA study hub, detailed ACCA papers list, and interactive resources designed to complement your learning with BPP and Kaplan materials.

📖 Customized Study Solutions

Choose from various BPP and Kaplan ACCA books that align with the latest ACCA syllabus and exam formats. From the fundamentals in the ACCA knowledge-level papers to the more complex ACCA skill-level papers, find all the study material tailored to boost your exam performance.

🔍 Comprehensive Learning Materials

Stay prepared with a wide range of ACCA study resources on Eduyush. Enhance your learning experience with additional features like ACCA study material PDFs, interactive quizzes, and past exam papers. Eduyush ensures you have everything you need to succeed.

🎓 Why Eduyush for Your ACCA Books?

  • Up-to-date Versions: Always receive the most current versions of BPP and Kaplan books, ensuring you study with the most relevant and updated material.
  • Tailored Learning Approaches: BPP and Kaplan offer different teaching styles, so choose the approach that best suits your learning preference.
  • Convenient Shopping Experience: All your ACCA needs are just a click away on Eduyush, simplifying how you buy and access your study materials.

Embark on your ACCA journey with confidence by choosing Eduyush for your BPP and Kaplan ACCA books. Equip yourself with the best resources and join thousands of successful ACCA candidates who trust Eduyush for their exam preparation. Start today and unlock the door to professional achievement with the top-rated ACCA books available! 

Why Students Need BPP and Kaplan Books to Pass the ACCA Exams:

  • Legacy and Expertise:
    • BPP and Kaplan have a long-standing presence in finance and accountancy education.
    • Their materials are crafted with a deep understanding of the ACCA curriculum and exam patterns, ensuring comprehensive and practical preparation.
  • Structured Learning Approach:
    • Both providers offer structured materials to align with the ACCA’s examination strategies.
    • The content is organized to incrementally build knowledge incrementally, making complex topics accessible and manageable.
  • Practice Opportunities:
    • Extensive practice questions and mock exams are included, mirroring the format and challenge of the actual ACCA exams.
    • Research by Gebreiter et al. highlights the importance of practice and its impact on boosting students' confidence and exam performance.
  • Current and Relevant Content:
    • The study materials are regularly updated to reflect changes in the ACCA syllabus and the dynamic nature of the accounting and finance sectors.
    • Ensures that students study the most current material, vital for passing the exams.
  • Empirical Evidence of Effectiveness:
    • Empirical evidence suggests that these materials enhance students' understanding and performance in professional accountancy exams.

    FAQ! Questions? Answers. is an authorised seller.

    Students outside India: You can avail of our India-specific pricing for ebooks. We don't ship paperback at the moment.

    Students in India: Apart from ebooks, we ship paperback books pan India in over 19K pin codes with delivery times ranging between 4-7 days. All our shipping is free.

    Delivery timelines for ebooks:

    BPP Ebooks - Most books are instantly emailed on payment

    KAPLAN ebooks - Ebook codes are emailed within 2-4 working days

    BPP and KAPLAN both offer comprehensive ACCA study materials, but they have some distinctions. BPP books are known for their detailed explanations and coverage, making them ideal for those who prefer an in-depth understanding of concepts. KAPLAN books, on the other hand, are often praised for their clear layout and approachability, making them suitable for students who prefer straightforward explanations and practical examples.

    The 2 approved ACCA partners have different names for their books, but essentially are the same

    BPP Learning Media: 1. Workbook 2. Practice and Revision kit

    KAPLAN Publishing: 1. Study text 2. Exam kit

    Yes, both BPP and KAPLAN update their books regularly to align with the ACCA syllabus changes and exam cycles. It's crucial to check the edition of the book to ensure it's for the correct exam period​

    It's advisable to replace your ACCA study books with each syllabus update or when you decide to sit for the exams after a significant interval, to ensure you are studying the most current material and guidelines​

    BPP Learning Media's ACCA DipIFR is the only book approved by the ACCA examination team.

    You can check out the complete combo pack here.

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