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ACCA books. BPP and KAPLAN

Are you trying to conquer the ACCA exams and achieve your dream of becoming a Chartered Certified Accountant? Look no further! Our carefully curated collection of ACCA books and study materials is here to empower you on your academic journey.

Discover the Perfect ACCA Textbooks

At, we understand the importance of having suitable study materials to excel in your ACCA exams. Our ACCA textbooks have been handpicked to align perfectly with the ACCA syllabus, ensuring you receive the most up-to-date and comprehensive content.

ACCA Study Materials that Work for You

We offer a wide range of ACCA study materials, including study guides, revision books, and exam kits. These resources are tailored to the specific needs of ACCA students, making your exam preparation efficient and effective.To help you feel exam confident KAPLAN and BPP are the only two ACCA-approved publishers. Both the publications publish both paperback books and ebook.

BPP Learning Media ACCA Books

Are you aspiring to excel in your ACCA exams? Look no further than BPP Learning Media, a pioneering name in delivering high-quality ACCA study materials. Recognized for their exhaustive coverage and expert insights, BPP’s ACCA books are designed to facilitate a comprehensive understanding and mastery of each topic in the ACCA syllabus.

Experience the essence of interactive learning with BPP’s dynamic range of ACCA e-books and online resources. Each component of the study material, from course notes to revision kits, is tailored to enhance your study experience, offering a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application.

As you delve deeper into the ACCA syllabus, BPP’s learning materials are a beacon of excellence, providing information and a pathway to success. These books encompass a spectrum of topics from foundational to advanced levels, facilitating a smooth progression in your learning journey.

Embark on your ACCA journey with BPP Learning Media today, where quality meets excellence in preparing you for a prosperous career in the financial sector.

Kaplan Publication ACCA books

Kaplan is one of the reputable publisher known for its high-quality study materials for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) qualification. Kaplan's ACCA books are widely recognized for their comprehensive syllabus coverage and focus on exam preparation.

The study text clearly explain complex concepts, supported by examples and practical illustrations to enhance understanding. Kaplan's books are regularly updated to reflect changes in the ACCA syllabus or exam structure, ensuring students have the most relevant and up-to-date content.

In addition, Kaplan offers exam practice kits to study texts that include exam-style questions and mock exams to help students build confidence and improve their exam technique. With Kaplan ACCA books, candidates can effectively prepare for their exams and increase their chances of success in their ACCA qualification.

KAPLAN publishes the following books for ACCA

  1. Study text (theory)
  2. Exam kits  (including past exam papers from most recent exams)

These ACCA books are subject to a rigorous ACCA examining team review and are fully focused, have the correct depth with marking guides and aligned with the ACCA curriculum so that students can be better prepared and pass the exams.

These materials also include model answers, the official solution provided by ACCA's examining team and can be a good reference for the students and recent exam papers to practice.

It is vital to use only two ACCA approved content provider study materials as they cover all the information required for the exams and are aligned with the curriculum so that you can be better prepared and pass the exams.

The study material published by BPP and KAPLAN are for the following

ACCA books for Exams

ACCA Applied Knowledge 

  1. Business and Technology (BT) - F1

  2. Management Accounting (MA) - F2

  3. Financial Accounting (FA) - F3

ACCA applied skills

  1. Corporate and Business Law (LW) - F4

  2. Performance Management (PM) - F5

  3. Taxation (TX) - F6

  4. Financial Reporting (FR) - F7

  5. Audit and Assurance (AA) - F8

  6. Financial Management (FM) - F9

ACCA Strategic professional

  1. Strategic Business Leader (SBL) - P1

  2. Strategic Business Reporting (SBR) - P2

  3. Advanced Financial Management (AFM) - P3

  4. Advanced Performance Management (APM) - P4

  5. Advanced Taxation (ATX) - P5

  6. Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA) - P6

  7. Diploma in IFRS (only BPP)

Pair the study material with our comprehensive ACCA online courses you'll have the confidence and skills needed to ace your exams and achieve your ACCA qualification.

Why Choose ACCA(Kaplan, BPP) Books

Why choose BPP and KAPLAN ACCA books

Choosing ACCA books from two ACCA approved publishers like Kaplan and BPP offers several advantages:

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: ACCA books from Kaplan and BPP are designed to cover all the necessary topics in detail, ensuring you thoroughly understand the subject matter.
  2. Quality Content: Their books are authored by subject matter experts and experienced professionals, providing accurate and reliable information.
  3. Exam Focus: These books are specifically tailored to help you prepare for ACCA exams. They provide exam-focused guidance, including tips, techniques, and practice questions that reflect the exam format. 
  4. Updated Material: Kaplan and BPP regularly update their ACCA books to align with any syllabus or exam structure changes. This ensures that you have access to the most up-to-date information, allowing you to stay current with the latest developments in the field.
  5. Supplementary Resources: Publishers like Kaplan and BPP often offer additional resources alongside their books, such as online question banks, practice kits, and revision materials. 

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ACCA books. Questions? Answers.

No ACCA doesnt provide any books. You have to buy from one of the approved content partners.

Red our detailed blog to get a comprehensive guide on the ACCA subjects. is an authorised seller.

Students outside India: You can avail of our India-specific pricing for ebooks. We don't ship paperback at the moment.

Students in India: Apart from ebooks, we ship paperback books pan India in over 19K pin codes with delivery times ranging between 4-7 days. All our shipping is free.

Delivery timelines for ebooks:

BPP Ebooks - Most books are instantly emailed on payment

KAPLAN ebooks - Ebook codes are emailed within 2-4 working days

We recommend you always take the combo of 2 books per ACCA subject.

The 2 approved ACCA partners have different names for their books, but essentially are the same

BPP Learning Media: 1. Workbook 2. Practice and Revision kit

KAPLAN Publishing: 1. Study text 2. Exam kit

It's always cheaper to buy the combo in one go rather than buying them individually.

Becker stopped publishing ACCA books in 2018.

ACCA book publishers publish books only in two formats.

1. Paperbook

2. Ebook

Free ACCA study material downloads or PDFs are illegal. Eduyush doesn't distribute or give free downloads of these books.

Downloading any BPP or KAPLAN ACCA PDF download from the net or WhatsApp or telegram groups goes against the ACCA ethics policy, and ACCA can take action against the students, including removing them from the records. We recommend students read the below link.

Read ACCA's policy on illegal downloads here

BPP Learning Media's ACCA DipIFR is the only book approved by the ACCA examination team.

BPP Learning media publishes three books for the ACCA DIPIFR exams.
1) Study Text to help you understand IFRS concepts,
2) Revision kit to help you practice exam questions and;
3) Passcards to help you revise your concepts for the exams.
You can check out the complete combo pack here.

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