CIMA Global Accounting Pathway. For CA and CMA - Eduyush
CIMA Global Accounting Pathway. For CA and CMA - Eduyush

CIMA Global Accounting Pathway. For CA and CMA

CIMA Global Accounting Pathway. For CA and CMA

  • Eduyush is an approved AICPA-CIMA channel partner
  • Achieve Global CGMA Recognition in Just 6-12 Months
  • Fast-Track:Skip 10 to 15 CIMA Exams
  • Prepares You skills required for C-Suite Leadership. Elevate Strategic & Analytical Skills
  • Open doors worldwide with your global passport to work
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AICPA (the Association) represents AICPA® & CIMA®.

AICPA was set up in 1887.... Read our blog on what is AICPA to get a complete overview

  1. Start: Pay INR 2000 to Eduyush for a KAPLAN book.
  2. Application: We send your details to CIMA
  3. CIMA Email: Receive instructions for the next steps.
  4. Submit Fee: Pay 250 GBP to CIMA for document review.
  5. Approval: Wait 10-15 days for document approval, then pay remaining fees.
  6. Prepare: Schedule your exam and study with provided materials.
  7. Success: Take the exam and celebrate your achievement

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CIMA Global Accounting Pathway for CA's

Unlock the gateway to global accounting leadership with the CIMA Global Accounting Pathway program! This exclusive fast-track opportunity propels you directly to the pinnacle of the accounting profession. You bypass 15 preliminary exams and head straight for the Strategic Case Study.

This not only accelerates your journey but significantly enhances your strategic and analytical capabilities, preparing you for the prestigious CGMA designation—a hallmark of excellence in the world of management accounting.

Why Choose the CIMA Global Accounting Pathway

  • Elite Recognition: Secure your place among the world's accounting elite by earning the Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) designation, jointly conferred by CIMA and the AICPA. This is not just a qualification; it's your global passport to high-level career opportunities in accounting and finance.
  • Global Mobility: The CGMA designation recognizes your skills across borders, granting you the flexibility to pursue career opportunities worldwide. 
  • Employer Endorsement: Stand out in the job market as a management accountant qualified at the highest level. Employers worldwide recognize and seek out CGMA holders for their strategic thinking and analytical prowess.
  • Networking Worldwide: Gain access to a vast network of professionals and high-profile CGMAs, enhancing your career prospects and professional growth. 
  • Waived Exams: Leapfrog over 15 exams and focus your preparation on the Strategic Case Study exam, saving you time and setting you on a fast track to success.
  • Comprehensive Support: Benefit from study materials, online classes starting from 4th June 2024, and the strategic case study exam scheduled for August 2024, all included in the fee.

Program Fee: £3000 GBP + 18% GST, covering registration, exam fee, study materials, and online classes.

CGMA Programme Highlights for a CA:

  • Exemptions: Write only one paper out of 16 CIMA papers
  • Exam Focus: Engage with the Strategic Case Study – a comprehensive examination designed to challenge and refine your ability to apply fundamental management accounting principles in real-world scenarios.
  • Duration: Dedicate 6 to 12 months to prepare for this pivotal examination. This period is an investment in your future, offering a deep dive into strategic management accounting concepts and practices.
  • Eligibility: This programme is aimed at active members of either a CA or CMA professional accounting body in India 
  • What You Gain:
    • Global Recognition: Completing the programme awards you the esteemed titles of Associate Chartered Management Accountant (ACMA) and Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA). These designations are not just credentials but your passport to international career opportunities and recognition.
    • Strategic Edge: With the ACMA and CGMA titles, you'll be recognised for your strategic acumen and analytical prowess—key attributes that set you apart as a leader in finance and accounting.
    • Career Advancement: This programme catalyses professional growth, paving the way for global leadership roles in finance and accounting. Embrace the opportunity to elevate your career to new heights.

Successful Candidates will join the ranks of esteemed professionals like Vinesh Singh, Murali Venkatesan, and Mayuresh Mutalik, who have leveraged their CGMA designation to achieve remarkable career heights in global finance.

How to apply for CGMA as a CA:

  1. Filled application form
  2. Letter of good standing from your institute
  3. Detailed CV showcasing work experience
  4. Valid ID proof
  5. Qualification proof – CMA/CA member, final year mark sheet, and membership proof

Don't miss this unparalleled opportunity to accelerate your career and achieve global recognition in the accounting profession. Apply now to step into the world of strategic management accounting with the CIMA Global Accounting Pathway program! 


The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants® (CIMA) is recognized globally as the largest professional body of management accountants. It offers a finance qualification that is highly relevant to the needs of businesses, making it a leading choice for those looking to advance their careers in management accounting.

Through CIMA, candidates can work towards earning the CGMA® (Chartered Global Management Accountant) designation. CIMA provides a structured pathway for achieving this prestigious credential, which is recognized worldwide and showcases expertise in management accounting.

The journey to obtaining the CGMA designation is organized through CIMA's professional qualification, which is divided into three levels: Operational, Management, and Strategic. Each level is designed to equip candidates with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in management accounting and business.

  1. A globally recognized professional accounting qualification.
  2. The prestigious CGMA designation.
  3. Employer recognition as a qualified management accountant.
  4. A global passport to work internationally.
  5. Opportunities for global networking.
  6. Enhanced strategic and analytical thinking abilities.
  • Vinesh Singh, VP at Samar Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd.
  • Murali Venkatesan, VP at Accenture India.
  • Mayuresh Mutalik, Global Finance Processes - RTR at DFL Supply Chain.
  • Sankara Narayanan, Head Credit Control at Healthcare Global, Ex-Associate Director at E&Y.

The programme fee is £3000 GBP + 18% GST, covering registration, the Strategic Case Study exam fee, study materials, and online classes . The fees is payable directly to CIMA

Upon approval of your documents and completion of the balance fee payment, you will be guided on how to schedule your exam with CIMA.

Participants pay a fee to waive off 15 exams and gain exclusive entry to the Strategic Case Study exam. Passing this exam and meeting the work experience requirement qualifies you for the CGMA designation and CIMA membership.

  1. Completed application form.
  2. Letter of good standing from your institute.
  3. Detailed CV with work experience.
  4. Any form of ID proof.
  5. Proof of qualification - CMA/CA membership, final year mark sheet, and membership proof.

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