Performance Management ACCA online course (PM) F5. BPP ECR. 2022-2023

Performance Management ACCA online course (PM) F5. BPP ECR. 2022-2023 - Eduyush

Performance Management ACCA online course (PM) F5. BPP ECR. 2022-2023

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  • Course duration approx 40-80 hours
  • Unlimited views access Till Jun 23 exams
  • Recorded Lectures from expert BPP tutors
  • Lectures focus on both Knowledge and application of Knowledge
  • Teaches and shows how to develop key paper and exam skills necessary for success
  • The F5 ACCA BPP ECR is an online recorded class for students updated to the syllabus of the Performance management ACCA exams from Sep 22 to Jun 23.
  • Access given in 4-7 working days
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Watch a video explaining benefits

*Online Pre-recorded classes (Unlimited views)

*Expert BPP UK Trainers 

*Assessments and 1 self Mock Exams

*Award-winning Virtual learning environment

* CBE Practice Platform for question practice (PM to AAA)

Exam Debrief and Revision videos

* Complete syllabus coverage

* Topic specific practice activities

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F5 ACCA (PM) online Course 

What is the PM online course This BPP course is based on the latest ACCA Performance management syllabus. The lectures cover all topics including how to apply management accounting techniques to qualitative and quantitative information in order to plan, make decisions, evaluate, and control performance. The course is backed up with revision sessions, periodic assessments and a CBE-based mock exam. Do read our expert blog on how to pass the ACCA F5 exams
Course Provider

BPP ACCA Platinum training partner

What's in the course
  1. Online recorded lectures
  2. Assessments and Mock tests
  3. CBE software practice area
  4. Further practice questions (printable)
How do you access the course

The F5 ACCA online course is delivered on the BPP hub on


Training overview

The following are key features

Assessment activities: The online assessment activities – either the assessments for each Step, or the Practice & Apply quizzes within a topic - will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses on specific areas, demonstrate learning of the core syllabus knowledge and provide you with lots of opportunities to practice and include real-life examples.  

CBE software practice area (papers PM – AAA) This software is available so you can practice answering constructed response questions in a realistic CBE environment similar to that used in the ACCA exam. You can use this software whilst working through your BPP Practice and Revision kit and practice and application questions


F5 ACCA (PM) course FAQ's

Studying with the BPP ECR will ensure that you develop knowledge and skills in the application of management accounting techniques, identify quantitative and qualitative information and exam skills tested on the ACCA Performance Management PM exam.

With the BPP ECR, you can also practice on the Computer-based Software that mimics the actual ACCA Exam.

The BPP ECR breaks down and teaches the concepts in logical easy steps and revision session lectures. And, to ensure the students grasp concepts, there are periodic assessments.

The BPP ECR will help you pass the ACCA F5 exams in one go.

Six skills you need to have to pass the F5 ACCA Exams

1) Effective reading and planning at the start of the exam. Time management is critical.

2) Tackling MCQs in section A. Often, the wrong answers will be very plausible and may stop you halfway through the calculation. Avoid looking at the answers, especially for calculations, until you think you've finished your questions. Practice lots of questions so that you're aware of any red herrings and pitfalls that the examiner likes to throw in

3) Tackling Objective test case questions - In Section B, all questions are independent. You can answer them in any order. So read through the whole case related to the five questions and then skim the questions.

4) Tackling constructed response questions in Section C. These are human-marked, so professional presentation is very important. Explanations must support your answer for calculations.

5) Good knowledge of the entire syllabus. The examiner can and will test all areas of the syllabus. Don't spot past trends in past PM exam papers. Read Technical articles.

6) Practice a lot of past papers.

 BPP ECR does work on the exam skills and techniques to help you pass the F5 ACCA.

The following are the areas that make up the syllabus for the F5 ACCA paper;

A) Information, technology and systems. This is the smallest area of the syllabus.

B) Specialist cost and management techniques. This builds further on the F2 or MA paper from the knowledge level.

C) Decision-making techniques. This is the largest area of the syllabus.

D) Budgeting and control. Primary focussed on variance analysis.

E) Performance measurement and control. This is where all four sections come together.

The F5 ACCA PM Exam comprises three sections.

Part A: 15 objective test questions of 2 marks each.

Part B : 3 Objective test case questions of 10 marks each. All of the questions are independent, and you can answer in any order.

Part C: 2 Constructive response questions of 20 marks each. You are examined for detailed knowledge.

Part C is human-marked.

The F5 ACCA exam is approximately 40 per cent numerical and 60 per cent discussion and 40 per cent knowledge, and 60 per cent application. 

To pass the PM exam, You need to demonstrate how to apply that knowledge to the scenario.

Theres no good or wrong combination. Students should choose exams to maximise their chances of clearing the F5 and F6 papers.
Our student alumni don't recommend doing both F5 and F6 together due to the following reasons:
1) F5 is a more theoretical paper, while F6 is primarily a numerical one. They don't complement each other
2) Both F5 & F6 are vast syllabi. They will take a lot of time to comprehend and prepare for the exams.
3) F6 and F5 papers fall on subsequent dates.

Eduyush offers you options for ACCA books in both ebook and paperback format.

We recommend you to buy the bundle as its cheaper

F5 ACCA Ebook - Click here. Codes are instantly emailed on payment

F5 ACCA Paperback - Click here. We deliver in India only. Delivery is 4-7 days

The ACCA PM exams will be held on the following dates for the 2022-2023 syllabus.

September 7, 2022

December 7, 2022

March 8, 2023

June 7, 2023

PM ACCA has one of the lowest pass rates among all the skill level exams.

The pass rates hover in the range of 38% to 42%


No, you get unlimited views till your access period. Relax and listen to as many times as you want.

Yes, BPP ECR comes with a CBE practice area. It contains the following
1) A Mock exam with similar functionalities to the actual CBE exam
2) Model answers to cross-check your answer
We recommend using the spreadsheet and word area to practice your revision kit questions

It is recommended that you use the latest version of Chrome or Firefox. Do not use Internet Explorer as it is outdated and will likely fail to record any step assessment results you achieve.

Yes, Eduyush customers get a 15% discount on their renewal. Just contact our team at to avail the discount.

A link to download the app for both iOS and Android devices is available in the Getting Started section.

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Martha Oghuvwu (Birmingham, GB)
Very good

Excellent service, perfect material

Good Quality with Affordable Price

This is really amazing. this course contains all the relevant materials to pass the Exam with 1st Attempt. The price also very affordable

Aditi Dhawan (Delhi, IN)
Good faculty

Good faculty good customer service

Anonymous (Vadodara, IN)
Helpful Videos

The videos are very helpfull for students who are self studying for Acca

Aditi Dhawan (Kathog, IN)

Very well designed course... Full coverage of Syllabus... Value for money

Harvinder Singh
Course structure is good..

Course structure is good...Intial summaries and chapter debriefs at the end is quite helpful in remembering the fundamentals

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