ACCA exam performance & pass rates. ACCA results Jun 2023

by Axel Hardy

ACCA Pass Rates

Welcome to our latest blog on ACCA exam performance and pass rate trends. As an ACCA candidate, it's natural to be curious about your chances of success on the exams. While many factors can impact your performance, one thing to consider is the overall pass rates for the ACCA exams.

In this blog post, we'll be taking a closer look at the latest data on ACCA pass rates by subject and level and some of the trends that have emerged in recent years.

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2022-2023 ACCA Pass rates

ACCA Results Jun 23 announced

ACCA exam results date for June 2023 exams will be announced on July  17, 2023.

Students can plan their ACCA Exams for future sitting by looking at the ACCA Exam dates.

In the tables below we show the ACCA exam pass rate comparisons both by subject and exam periods.

The June 2023 ACCA pass rates reflect the dedication and hard work of candidates globally. These figures offer candidates, tutors, and stakeholders a chance to assess performance, understand exam trends, and strategize for future sittings.

Congratulations to all who passed, and for those who faced setbacks, remember that every attempt is a step closer to success. Onwards and upwards in the ACCA journey!

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) has released its much-anticipated pass rates for the June 2023 exam sitting. Here's a detailed breakdown of the results, offering insights into the performance of candidates across different papers:

Applied Skills exam

ACCA exam pass rate by subject

Exams  Sep 22 Dec 22 Mar 23 Jun 23
PM 40% 43% 44% 40%
TX 52% 52% 53% 56%
FR 50% 49% 52% 49%
AA 44% 40% 44% 45%
FM 51% 51% 49% 52%


Strategic Professional exam

ACCA exam pass rate by subject

Exams  Sep 22 Dec 22 Mar 23 Jun 23
SBL 49% 49% 50% 51%
SBR 51% 47% 50% 51%
AFM 42% 41% 45% 47%
APM 34% 33% 35% 34%
ATX 43% 39% 45% 43%
AAA 34% 32% 34% 34%


ACCA exam pass rate statistics

 Students Sep 22 Dec 22 Mar 23 Jun 23
Who appeared 83,630 107,142 87,305 105,016
Completed exams 99,192 128,693 102.770 123,828
Remotely invigitlated 13,321 15,848 13,397
ACCA qualified 3,426 3,737 3,278 4,203


We do write tips on exams that have low passing rates. Students can read our expert blogs on how to pass the exams.

These are listed below.

2021-2022 ACCA pass rates

ACCA syllabus changes primarily have focused on data analytics, cloud computing  artificial intelligence, internet of things, and automation.

The importance of sustainability to the ACCA Qualification is central to developing skills and knowledge about how it impacts businesses, including ESG factors on strategy formulation. In addition, they must address these issues when performing performance measurements and audits to comply with industry standards or guidelines.

This exam year results are robust, and we're thrilled to see so many students continuing on their journey towards a career with the Association said Alan Hartfield. 

Overall this year had close to 15,000 students complete their ACCA qualification. 

Applied Skills exam 

ACCA exam pass rate by subject

Exams  Sep 21 Dec 21 Mar 22 Jun 22
PM 37 43 40 41
TX 52 49 51 52
FR 48 50 50 51
AA 39 38 44 39
FM 52 50 50


Strategic Professional exam

ACCA exam pass rate by subject

Exams  Sep 21 Dec 21 Mar 22 Jun 22
SBL 51 51 50 50
SBR 48 48 46 49
AFM 38 41 43 41
APM 30 32 34 33
ATX 36 37 38 42
AAA 34 34 33 31


ACCA exam pass rate statistics

 Students Sep 21 Dec 21 Mar 22 Jun 22
Who appeared 93,635 119,688 88,564 101,866
Completed exams 117,693 145,692 105,155 122,756
Remotely invigitlated 9,809 9,173 15,474
ACCA qualified 3,222 4,288 3,090 3,877

2020-2021 ACCA pass rates

The exams were held during the pandemic, with the remotely invigilated exams being tried for the first time. Almost 99.5% of exams were CBE.

"The students have shown amazing resilience and commitment in the face of adversity this year," said Alan Hatfield, Executive Director - of content, quality and innovation. 'Whilst Covid-19 continues to be a significant challenge for us all, students did come with excellent results.

Overall we had close to 16,000 students becoming ACCA affiliates in this exam cycle.

Applied Skills exam

ACCA exam pass rate by subject

Exams  Sep 20 Dec 20 Mar 21 Jun 21
PM 39 40 44 41
TX 49 51 46 50
FR 40 48 47 51
AA 41 39 43 39
FM 52 45 46 53

Strategic Professional exam 

ACCA exam pass rate by subject

Exams  Sep 20 Dec 20 Mar 21 Jun 21
SBL 51 49 47 52
SBR 49 47 52 44
AFM 37 42 39 39
APM 33 32 36 32
ATX 38 40 44 41
AAA 33 35 32 32

ACCA exam pass rate statistics

 Students Sep 20 Dec 20 Mar 21 Jun 21
Who appeared 103,000 119,688 92,000 100,000
Completed exams 132,000 145,692 112,000 128,000
Remotely invigitlated 14,000 9,809 21,402 21,000
ACCA qualified 4,219 4,288 3,440 3,838


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ACCA Exam dates. Questions? Answers.

The ACCA exam time in India is typically around 1:30 PM local time for centre based exams. In some cities, exams can also be offered at 9:30 AM

For remote exams, there are multiple slots during the day at 15 minute intervals.

There are four exam sessions per year for the ACCA qualification: September, December, March, and June.

Candidates have the opportunity to sit exams in any of these sessions.

Students must go to their myACCA login and book the exams directly.

As all exams are Computer based, students will be redirected to the Pearson exam booking window, where they will need to select their centre or remote times.

Exam dockets are sent via email and also available for download on your MyACCA login three weeks prior to the exam dates.

The ACCA exams are typically multiple choice or objective test questions, although some exams may also include written case study questions. The exams are usually held in a computer-based format, although paper-based exams may be available in some locations.

Yes, you can change the exam session or location after you have registered, but no changes can be done after the exam booking deadline date

If you miss an exam, you will need to re-register and pay the exam fees again. ACCA marks you as absent.

You will also need to wait until the next exam session to sit for the exam.

Yes, you can request a refund if you decide not to take the exam and have cancelled the exam booking prior to the exam deadline.

The refund will be credited to your ACCA account which you can use for your next exams.

If you need a refund back to your credit card, you will have to contact ACCA team.

The syllabus of ACCA does not materially change every year.

All amendments are done basis the September to June exam cycle.

As an example, in order to keep up with the latest changes in the accounting industry and business world, the syllabus is reviewed and updated on a regular basis. So although there may not be any major changes each year, there will likely be some minor amendments made.

It is best to review the latest syllabus on ACCA site prior to starting your studies.