Quick Guide : How to register for Diploma in IFRS

by Axel Hardy

How to register for Diploma in IFRS

Are you ready to elevate your accounting game and become a globally recognized expert? Discover the ultimate guide on How to Register for Diploma in IFRS and why you can't afford to overlook this golden opportunity!

Whether you want to enhance your career prospects or expand your knowledge, registering for the DipIFR can be a significant step forward. In this blog, we'll walk you through registering for the ACCA Diploma in IFRS, making your journey as smooth as possible.

Understand the DipIFR

Before diving into the registration process, it's crucial to understand what the DipIFR is and who it's for. The ACCA Diploma in IFRS is designed for:

  • Accountants and finance professionals who need to prepare financial statements under IFRS
  • Auditors who need to understand IFRS to audit financial statements
  • Those looking to update their knowledge due to recent changes in IFRS

Check Your Eligibility

To register for the DipIFR, use the IFRS eligibility tool to check

Link:  IFRS eligibility tool will give you the answers in less than 2 minutes

  • Professional accountancy qualification or relevant degree
  • Two years of work experience in finance or accounting

Ensure you have the necessary documentation to prove your eligibility when applying.

Step-by-Step IFRS Course Registration Process

  1. Start your application: Start by going to accaglobal.com and clicking Apply now.
  2. Gather Your Documents: Prepare digital copies of your qualifications and proof of work experience. You'll need to upload these during the registration process.
  3. Fill Out the Application Form: Log into your ACCA account and navigate to the DipIFR section. Fill out the application form with personal, educational, and professional details.
  4. Submit Your Documents: Upload the required documents to support your application. Ensure the files are transparent, compressed, and all the information is legible. (use ilovepdf.com to compress)
  5. Pay the Registration Fee: After submitting your application and documents, you'll be prompted to pay the 89 GBP registration fee. You can do this online using a credit or debit card.
  6. Get a Discount Through Eduyush: Before proceeding with the payment, consider exploring discounts available through Eduyush. Eduyush partners with ACCA to offer discounts on the registration fee for the DipIFR. Visit the Eduyush website and follow their instructions to avail of the discount. This can significantly reduce your registration costs.
  7. Confirmation: Once your payment is processed (with the discount applied, if applicable), you'll receive a confirmation email from ACCA containing your ACCA ID.
  8. Account creation: Create your account by going to accaglobal.com and clicking MyACCA. Enter your ACCA ID as your user ID and set up your password.
  9. Book your exams: Now you can book your exams; please go to this blog to read how to book your ACCA exams.

Prepare for Your Studies with BPP Diploma in IFRS Books

After completing your registration, the next critical step is to dive into your studies. Success in the ACCA Diploma in IFRS exam relies heavily on accessing high-quality study materials and receiving expert guidance. Here's how you can make the most out of your preparation:

Purchase BPP Books

BPP Learning Media is ACCA's only approved content provider for the DipIFR, offering comprehensive and up-to-date study texts and practice materials. These books are specifically designed to cover the syllabus and exam requirements effectively. To purchase BPP books:

  1. Visit the BPP distributor's Website: You can find all the DipIFR study materials directly by navigating to BPP's ACCA section.
  2. Select Your Materials: Choose the study texts, practice and revision kits, and passcards that suit your learning style.

BPP books are essential for deepening your understanding of IFRS standards and enhancing exam preparation.

Closing comments on How to Register for Diploma in IFRS

Registering for the ACCA Diploma in IFRS is a straightforward process that offers finance professionals numerous opportunities. Utilizing resources like Eduyush for discounts on the registration fee can make this valuable qualification more accessible.

By following the steps outlined above and preparing diligently for your studies, you'll be well able to achieve this essential accreditation.

Remember, obtaining the DipIFR enhances your professional knowledge and significantly boosts your career prospects in the global finance industry.

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