Steps to book your ACCA exams via your MyACCA login

Steps to book your ACCA exams

Key dates for DIPIFR exams Dec 23 exams

Exam date : Dec 7 & 8, 2023.

Submission of documents for initial ACCA registration: September 25, 2023. Eduyush will do this for you, if you havent done already. Click here to know more

Exam entry booking begins: August 8, 2023.

 Exam entry booking deadline: October 30, 2023.

Exam results: January 16, 2023

Steps to book your Centre based ACCA exams

The following are the steps required for ACCA exam booking for the centre-based exams.

Step 1. Goto your MyACCA login (, click Myacca on top right corner), it the site doesn't open, please delete your cookies, cache and restart your browser

Step 2: Click on exam entry. Only CBE exams can be taken.

Step 3: Add an exam and select the period you want to to take the exam. It should look like this. You will need to click on International Financial Reporting for the tab to open.

Step 4 : Specify your exam options and preferred location, it will take your default country as your nationality, in case you want to change it you can

ACCA Exam booking dec 23



Step 5: Choose your version as international (pic attached)


Step 6: Click on add to your plan, the price will appear

ACCA Exam booking step 2


Step 7 - Click on confirm availability, you will now be transferred to the Pearson booking centre


Step 8  - Once you are in the Pearson's booking window, click on IFR_INT, the screen should appear as below

Step 9 - Put your location and choose either Dec 7 or Dec 8, once you do, you can select the location available. Click confirm to accept the booking and terms and policies of the exams. Once you have done, you will return back to the ACCA exam window. 


Click here to see where are ACCA the exam centres in India and Middle east


Step 10 : Click on I agree to terms and conditions checkbox and press complete booking.

ACCA Exam booking step 3

 Step 11: Make the exam fees payment using this link   If payment is not done, you stand the risk of your exam booking being cancelled

Once done, you will get an acknowledgement screen and an email will be sent by ACCA on your booking (sometimes emails are immediate and sometimes it takes a couple of hours). 

Get yourself familiar with the ACCA exam regulations by reading our detailed blog.

If you want to modify your earlier booking to change a city or the period of the exam, simple go to your exam entry and click on cancel the booking and repeat the process for a new booking again.

Can I postpone ACCA exam?

You won't be able to make any exam entry or modification after the standard exam entry deadlines for each exam. If you are having any medical emergency or unforeseen contingencies, you will need to write to with proof. The decision to let you postpone is theirs.

How to download ACCA exam docket?

Your ACCA exam docket is available to download three weeks prior to your exam dates. To download, go to your Myacca login, click on the exam docket and download it. You will need to carry your exam docket to your centre-based exams. No exam docket is required if you are taking remote-based exams.

Should I choose Centre based exams or remote based exams?

The choice is yours depending on each persons circumstances. Refer to our blog to understand the pros and cons of each.

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