How to pass ACCA Diploma in IFRS in 2024. 8 top tips

Jan 17, 2024by Eduyush Team

How to pass ACCA Diploma in IFRS in 2024

Unlocking success in the ACCA Diploma in IFRS is a journey worth navigating. As you embark on this path in 2024, discover the key strategies to conquer the challenges and emerge victorious in exam.

In this blog, we share 8 top tips given by our Dec 23 batch that will redefine your approach to the Diploma in IFRS exams. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a budding accountant, these insights will pave the way for a seamless and successful learning experience.

With ACCA pass rates hovering between 35% to 45%, these 8 tips will sure shot get you a score in excess of 70%

Watch the video as the Dec 23 world toppers share their exam strategies on how they passed the exams with scores over 85%

Student Insights: Varsha, Irfan, Sandeep, Shayantani, Rupika (world topper at 90%), Pushpa, Aakansha, Asfarin

1. Consistent Revision Strategies:

    • Emphasize watching lectures for every standard and thorough textbook revision for a confident grasp.
    • Find value in revision lectures for a summarized review before exams.
    • Use the BPP passcards extensively.

2. Practical Exam Simulation:

    • Suggest ABC analysis and practising questions on a computer for a real exam feel.
    • Solve questions using ACCA specimen exam software to enhance speed and comfort.
    • Highlight the importance of practising the software early, paying attention to recommended answering methods.

3. Stress-Free Practice:

    • Advise practising CBE multiple times to maintain a tension-free mindset during the main exam.
    • Urge maintaining a calm mindset while studying and during the exam.

4. Strategic Exam Techniques:

    • Follow CA Vijaya Maam's guidance on exam techniques, study habits, and effective writing strategies.
    • Emphasize adhering to Eduyush's session on exam writing technique for success.

5. Comprehensive Preparation:

    • Recommend utilizing the BPP practice kit and past ACCA papers on Eduyush platform for a consolidated overview of all topics and past exam questions.

6. Daily Consistency:

    • The success mantra involves studying two hours daily on weekdays and four hours each on the weekend, with increased intensity during the last 1.5 months.

7. Confidence and Mindset:

    • Encourage framing the mindset to sit for the attempt confidently and believe that with determination, success is inevitable.

8. Interactive Learning:

    • Stress the importance of covering portions as soon as they are taught in lectures. 
    • Pre-read the materials prior to coming to the lectures.


Success in the ACCA DIPIFR exams is not a one-size-fits-all approach. However, the common themes of consistency, strategic preparation, stress-free practice, and a positive mindset echo through these valuable insights. Tailor these strategies to your unique study routine, and may your journey be as successful as those of these high-achieving students.

Best of luck on your DIPIFR adventure!

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