ACCA Online Lectures | What is the BPP Enhanced Classroom or ECR

by Eduyush Team

What is the BPP Enhanced Classroom or ECR?

The BPP ECR  is ideal for students who want the flexibility of studying whenever and wherever they want. Students can study at their own pace, with access to the programme content, learning activities and assessments available.

 With over 40  years of experience in the training market, BPP has harnessed all the knowledge and best practices of their classroom courses to design and develop a market-leading Online Classroom.

With a subscription to the ECR, you will gain access to BPP’s Virtual Learning Environment, the BPP HUB. Here, you will have access to the following:

  • 100% syllabus pre-recorded lectures
  • Online assessments covering the entire syllabus
  • Assumed knowledge content designed to close any knowledge gaps from prior studies
  • Exam and paper skills content
  • Exam technique demonstration and question debriefs
  • Resit guidance
  • Examination software to ensure maximum practice in the exam environment before the exam
  • Additional Practice questions
  • Available on both a desktop and mobile App to access content on the go, either on or offline.

 How will the BPP ECR enhance my exam preparation?


Pre-recorded lectures enable students to log in anytime, anywhere and access their study materials. Lectures can be paused, rewound and fast forwarded, allowing students to study at their own pace.

Achievement Ladder

All students are given access to their online learning area, including the Achievement Ladder. The Achievement Ladder is central to a student’s learning at BPP and shows a record of their progress through the paper. The Achievement Ladder consists of a series of assessment steps that build complexity and syllabus coverage, preparing students for exam success.

Topics and Learning Activities

Learning content is broken into logical topics and associated learning activities. The activities within each topic will help students identify their strengths and weaknesses in specific areas and learn core syllabus knowledge whilst providing lots of opportunities to practice with real-life examples. Each activity helps students understand and apply the syllabus content by either explaining a concept, showing a worked example, or providing an opportunity to use the concept.

Frequently asked questions

 Why must each student have BPP Materials?

The BPP materials are the basis for the recorded lectures and contain the core content for a paper. The topics are pretty exhaustive and focus on content delivery and exam technique.

How much does the ECR cost?

The cost of the Enhanced Classroom is much more affordable than you think. BPP is an approved content partner of ACCA. Their pricing is much lower than other ACCA partners. Take a look here to see the pricing of the BPP ECR.

How long is the access for the ECR?

 The ECR access is granted for the shorter of 2 exam attempts or the end of the syllabus. So for example

  • If you have taken the access in February, your access is till the Jun exams. The two exam attempt rule will apply, i.e. March exams and June.
  • If you have taken the access in April,  your access will expire in June as most of the ACCA subjects syllabus changes in September.

Is there any restriction on the number of views

You get unlimited views till the end of your access. Recorded content ranges from 40-to 80 hours per subject. 

Are BPP Books provided along with the ECR?

 In addition to buying Enhanced Classroom, you must also purchase BPP’s course books. The online lectures follow the official BPP materials.  Students can buy the BPP ACCA books from

Is there any support that BPP gives for doubt clearing?

 Students are not supported by BPP as this is a self-learning product. The product is quite comprehensive, and we haven’t had any students come to us for doubt solving for over 1000+ ECR sold by 

Can I watch videos offline?

All videos are available to download onto your device for offline playback. Go to the video and select the ‘Watch this later’ link.

If you would like to know more about the ECR, write to or WhatsApp us at +919643308079