ACCA Center based or remote based exams. Which is better?

Aug 3, 2022by Eduyush Team

Centre based or remote based exams

Whether opting for center based or remote based exams, ACCA candidates face critical decisions impacting their examination experience. Center-based exams offer the traditional in-person setting, providing a familiar environment for many, while remote-based exams offer flexibility and convenience, allowing candidates to sit exams from their chosen location.

Understanding the nuances and requirements of each modality is essential for candidates to make informed choices aligning with their preferences and circumstances.

What are ACCA Center based exams? 

The ACCA's center-based exams are administered at authorised exam centres. These exams are conducted in over 500 cities the world over.

Eduyush has listed some centres in India and the Middle east.

 ACCA offers exams at the skill level, strategic level and DIPIFR exams as Centre based. Candidates who wish to sit any of these exams must book their seats at an authorised exam centre and schedule their exam date.

What are ACCA remote-based exams? 

With the onset of COVID in 2020, ACCA introduced remote-based exams.

Active invigilated ACCA exams (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) are exams conducted online in a proctored environment. A trained invigilator will monitor you while you take the exam, and your exam session is recorded for assessment purposes.

ACCA takes a call before every exam attempt to offer remotely-invigilated exams. The decision stems from the COVID impact on the respective country. Remote-invigilated exams are not provided for every country or exam attempt. It is best to check up on the ACCA site if these exams are available for your country.

ACCA offers a library of resources to understand what remote exam processes are. Eduyush has listed the key links, click here to understand the remote exams process.

Remote exams also do have various rules which students need to be aware. Eduyush has listed the the remote exam rules.

Should I take a Centre-based or Remote-based exams for ACCA?

There is no easy answer to this question as it depends on several factors. We have highlighted five important factors that can influence your decision.

 For example, some students may prefer the structure and discipline of a centre-based exam, while others may find that they can focus better at home in a remote-based exam. Ultimately, the best way to decide which option is right for you is if you can fulfil your exam infrastructure requirements.

Centre-based exams requirements

There are no specific requirements, except that you must arrive at the exam venue 90 minutes before the exams. All the infrastructure at the exam centre is from ACCA. So you don't need to worry about your computer device or rough pads.

Remote-based Exams

To write remote exams, the student must recreate the exam environment at home. Minimum requirements are

1) Taking the exam in a closed room with no noise

2) Student must use their device. The device must be

  • enabled with a webcam and microphone
  • must have original windows software or mac os
  • Take the exam on a personal laptop (corporate laptops have firewalls or other system apps which will prevent the exam software from launching)
  • must not have any third-party apps running in the background like any desk, virus software etc. (its recommended to uninstall the apps before the exams)

3) Stable wired internet and electricity. Students must install a UPS for their internet modems to factor in electricity failure. USB dongles for the internet are not allowed


Top 5 Factors that can influence a centre-based or remote exams

  1. Travel - If you don't stay in a city where the ACCA exams are held, you may look to take the remote exams to avoid the cost of travel and boarding.
  2. Device - Remote exams require you to have your device with the latest configurations. If you don't have your device or can't match the configurations, its best to take the exams from a centre
  3. Internet & electricity - You need to be connected throughout the three hours fifteen minutes on a wired connection. If your city experiences frequent power cuts or if your internet connection is unstable, you may want to consider taking the centre-based exams
  4. Rough pad - You are allowed two sheets of rough paper in a centre-based exam. You cant use your rough pad for a remote exam. You can only use the online rough pad on your screen. So if you are in the habit of making notes for your exams on a piece of paper, the centre-based exams are for you.
  5. Exam booking: Exam seats on centre-based exams are first to come and usually run out of seats within 15-30 days in some busy cities like Mumbai, Delhi etc. If you are keen on centre-based exams, you must make your booking within the first 30 days of exam dates

Eduyush closing comments:

In conclusion, the pros of centre-based exams are that they provide a sense of community and infrastructure support, while the remote option offers more flexibility. 

However, it is essential to consider all factors before deciding, as each person's situation will be different. 

For example, sitting an exam in a physical centre may not be possible if you are in a city far from an ACCA centre. In this case, taking the exam remotely would be the best option. Whichever route you choose, ACCA is committed to helping you take the exams with ease. 

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