ACCA Remote proctoring exam rules and regulations

Oct 26, 2020by Eduyush Team

Here are the rules and regulations for students who are undertaking the ACCA remote proctoring exams


Facial comparison technology may be used for the purpose of verifying your identity during the testing process by comparing your facial image to that presented on your identification and to facial images captured during the testing. If you do not agree to the use of facial comparison technology during your testing session, do not accept its use.


Before the Examination

Proctored Exam

The exam can be attempted at home or in your office. Wherever you choose to sit the exam, you should be in a walled room, with a closed door and without distractions.

Before the examination start, you must ensure you follow the instructions below:

• Ensure you are not disturbed by anyone.
• Disconnect extra monitors, projectors and televisions.
• Place food and smoking equipment out of sight.
• Move electronic devices, headphones and watches out of arm's reach.


What do you need for entry to the examination?

• An official means of photographic identification, such as your valid passport, driving license, national identity card or biometric residence permit. If you are unable to prove your identity your examination attempt may not be marked.

What items are permitted at your desk?

• A small bottle of water all labels removed. No other drinks or food are permitted.
• No unauthorised items or materials are permitted on or about your person or at your desk.



tel: +44 (0)141 582 2000

During the examination

• No other person is permitted to enter the room.
• You must not communicate with any other person by any means.
• You are not permitted to use scratch paper, take physical notes, or talk
• The room must be as quiet as possible. Sounds such as music or television are not permitted.
• You must not leave the room during the exam for any reason, unless you are specifically permitted to do so.
• It is in your direct interest for each question answered to show your rough workings on the word processing or spreadsheet application provided within the CBE exam. This will help the marker accurately assess your performance in the examination.

After the examination

For remote proctored exams only: Your computer-based exam answers will remain the property of ACCA and will not be returned to you

What else do you need to know?

• Your examination entry fees are not refundable or transferable.
• ACCA does not implement a dress code for its examinations. However, you should dress for your examination(s) in a manner which will not cause offence.
• Before, during and after your examination, you must not behave in an inappropriate manner. Inappropriate behaviour will be reported to ACCA by the proctor.
• No smoking is allowed during the examination.

Results release

Examination results will be available on myACCA and by email and text message. Please check for details of when these will be published.


If an exam attempt is suspended, cancelled or otherwise nullified by the examining board (at any stage, whether before or after the examination sitting itself) ACCA will waive the fee (or part thereof) for the next attempt at the exam(s) unless such suspension, cancellation or otherwise is caused by an epidemic, pandemic or other event against which ACCA is unable to obtain insurance on reasonable commercial terms. Due to the nature and complexity of operating professional exams, ACCA reserves the right not to reschedule any exam or offer any compensation other than as specified above.

For computer-based exams only: All computer-based exams will include an additional 10 minutes, which commences from the start time stated above, for the candidate to read the exam instructions and summary screens. Once you have completed reading the information and instructions, your exam duration time will start.

OnVue System Test Requirements

Before entering for a remote session CBE it is important that you have performed and passed the system test on the device you'll use and in the location where you will take the exam. This will ensure that your computer/laptop and your desk environment meet the minimum requirements and exam regulations to run the exam successfully. If you are unable to successfully pass the system test then you should not enter for this exam.

Additionally, you'll need to have access to a private and quiet location and have your desk setup which meets the exam regulations

Click here to perform the System Test

Click here to check System Requirements



Taking your ACCA exams is part of your journey towards becoming an ACCA professional accountant and we therefore expect you to act in a professional manner when taking your exams.

The following regulations apply to students sitting paper based, computer-based, and remotely proctored exams, as well as those taking internally-assessed ACCA courses.

1. You are required to adhere at all times to the examination regulations and guidelines below. If you are found to be in breach of any of these regulations or fail to adhere to the guidelines below, you may become liable to disciplinary action, pursuant to Bye-law 8, which could result in your removal from the student register.

2. You are required to comply in all respects with any instructions issued by the exam supervisor/s, invigilator/s, proctor/s, and any ACCA personnel before, during and at the conclusion of an exam. Failure to comply with these instructions may result in the termination of your examination and potential disciplinary procedures being invoked.

3. You may not attempt to deceive the exam supervisor/s, invigilator/s, proctor/s and any ACCA personnel by giving false or misleading information.

4. You are not permitted during the exam to possess, use or attempt to use any books, notes or other materials except those expressly permitted in the guidelines below. These are known as 'unauthorised materials'.

5. You are not allowed to possess, use, or intend/attempt to use, any unauthorised materials while the exam is in progress (whether at your desk or otherwise).

6. You are not permitted to use a dictionary or an electronic translator of any kind or have on or at your desk a calculator (if applicable) which can store or display text. You are also not permitted to use mobile phones, electronic communication device, camera, or any item with smart technology functionality in your examination room. These are known as "unauthorised items" and are taken into the examination room at the candidates own risk. ACCA accepts no responsibility for their loss or damage, if applicable. Such items must not be worn, or be placed on your desk, in pockets of clothing, in your bag or personal belongings, or be kept anywhere else on or about your person. If you bring a mobile phone, electronic communication device or camera, or any item with smart technology functionality and/or capable of taking photographic images with you to your examination, you must declare this to the examination personnel prior to the start of the examination. You must switch the phone or electronic communication device or camera off and disable any alarms or notifications. You must then follow the instructions given to you by the examination personnel.

7.(a) If you breach exam regulation 4 and/or 5 and the 'unauthorised materials' are relevant to the syllabus being examined, it will be assumed that you intended to use them to gain an unfair advantage in the exam. In any subsequent disciplinary proceedings, you will have to prove that you did not intend to use the unauthorised materials to gain an unfair advantage in the exam.

7.(b) if you breach exam regulation 6, it will be assumed that you intended to use the 'unauthorised items' to gain an unfair advantage in the exam. In any subsequent disciplinary proceedings, you will have to prove that you did not intend to use the 'unauthorised items' to gain an unfair advantage in the exam.

8. You (irrespective of if you are a licensed weapon holder) are not allowed to attend your exam with a weapon. If you are found to have a weapon in your possession you will be excluded from the exam without any reimbursement.

9. You are required to comply with the ruling of supervisor/s, invigilator/s, proctor/s and any ACCA personnel. They are obliged to report any cases of irregularity or improper conduct to ACCA. They are also empowered to discontinue your exam if you are suspected of misconduct and to exclude you from the exam room.

9 (a) If you breach exam regulation 9 and fail to disclose any 'unauthorised materials' or 'unauthorised items' the supervisor/s, invigilator/s, proctor/s reasonably suspects you to have in your possession, it will be assumed the 'unauthorised materials' are relevant to the syllabus being examined and that you intended to use the 'unauthorised materials' and/or 'unauthorised items' to gain an unfair advantage.

10. You may not engage in any improper conduct designed to assist you in your exam attempt or provide any improper assistance to any other exam entrant in their exam attempt, including taking photos of exam questions during the course of the exam, copying, sharing and or distributing in any form images of exam questions and or selling or advertising for sale exam questions or images thereof during or subsequent to the exam.

11. If you are sitting paper-based examinations, you are not permitted to remove either your candidate answer booklet(s) or your question paper from the exam room. All candidate answer booklets remain the property of ACCA.

12. If you are taking a computer- based exam you are not permitted to remove any working papers issued to you. All exam working papers remain the property of ACCA.

13. If you are taking a remote-proctored exam you must destroy any working paper (if applicable) as instructed by your proctor(s).

14. You must not copy, photograph or reproduce in any manner exam questions. You are also strictly prohibited from distributing or seeking to exploit for commercial gain unauthorised copies of exam questions.

15. If you attempt to gain an unfair advantage in the exam (whether by breaching an exam regulation or otherwise) you are likely to be removed from ACCA's student register following disciplinary proceedings.

16. Candidates must not talk to, or attempt to communicate with, people other than the exam supervisor/s, invigilator/s or proctor/s for the duration of the exam.

17. You must not attempt to access and/or obtain your examination results prior to ACCA's official published results release date.

18. For remotely-proctored computer based exams; student behaviours may be reported to ACCA, exam session terminated or refusal of admittance to the exam; all of which could result in disciplinary action being taken if the student exhibits any behaviour which the proctor(s) deems vulgar, offensive, pornographic, obscene, abusive, criminal, or otherwise inappropriate.

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