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Apr 25, 2020by Eduyush Team

8 rules which you can apply to clear the ACCA DipIFR Exam

Having an ACCA DipIFR sends specific signals. People know that you have achieved a challenging goal—you have passed the ACCA DipIFR exam, one of the globe's most challenging certification examinations for accountants.

In the business world, the DipIFR qualification instils confidence and trust. Students with a DipIFR added as a qualification command higher salaries, are in greater demand in the workforce, and are given priority when it comes to promotions or when seeking jobs.

The Typical ACCA DipIFR candidate

Every time we register students for the DipIFR ACCA exam, the most common statement made by the candidates is: “I am not your typical IFRS candidate. Do I have a chance to pass?” The answer is always the same: “Yes, you can pass if you are willing to correct your weaknesses, remain focused, and at all times continue to believe in your abilities.”

In other words, the key to passing is not to be categorised as the “typical IFRS candidate.” The key to passing is the willingness to work toward your goal; there is no typical candidate. There is no magic age to sit for the exam. The youngest candidate who registered with us was a 21-year-old CA final student. The oldest candidate was a sixty-year-old teacher who sat for the exam with his daughter-in-law because she asked him to. We have also had a 44-year BCOM working in an outsourcing firm; he wanted to switch careers and move up the ladder. They all worked very hard, and they all passed on the first attempt. When it comes to the IFRS exam, being categorised as a “typical” candidate does not help you pass. 

No matter who you are, you are the kind of person who, with hard work and dedication, can pass the DIPIFR exam.

8 Rules to apply when you take the decision to enrol for the ACCA DipIFR exam

  1. With hard work and dedication, We believe you can pass the DipIFR exam
  2. Students should commit to enrolling for the DipIFR exam, well before the last deadline date to register. This will force you to study.
  3. Students must be well versed with the exam process, exam centers, rules, etc. If in doubt, do contact our team.
  4. Students should obtain study materials that have been printed within 6 months to one year from the date they plan to sit
  5. Passing the DipIFR takes a great deal of time and effort, but if you plan ahead, budget your study time, and stick to a study plan, you will greatly increase the chances of passing (read on how much time is required)
  6. The DipIFR primarily tests the student’s awareness of substance-over-form along with writing skills
  7. The DipIFR exam tests the student’s ability to explain the concept in simple terms, and ability to comprehend any case study.
  8. By clearing the DipIFR exam, you can increase the salary, earn the respect of your peers in the field, and increase your job mobility.

If you believe you can’t apply rule 1, please stop here. You are not ready to attempt this challenging exam. You do not believe in yourself. If you are unsure of the other rules, read up and work around them to ease your nerves, speak to your friends, training partners etc. Learn how to manage your time. Learn how to control your fears by controlling the exam. Someday you, too, will add DipIFR to your resume. Go for it—the results are well worth it. 

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