How to pass ACCA DIPIFR Exam - Student reviews June 21 exams

Jul 29, 2021by Eduyush Team

ACCA DIPIFR Jun 2021 Examination

Eduyush is very proud of its students who have cleared the second remote and CBE exams with aawesome scores. Despite numerous technical glitches, 72% of our students cleared the examination vis-à-vis 35% global passing percentage of ACCA.

Eduyush’s students passing ratio also increased from 66% to 72% and the highest scorer is Mankirat Kaur with 85%. More than 45% of the students who passed scored 65% and above.


Let’s see what our students have to say about their experiences and challenges

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Mankirat Kaur, the highest scorer from Jun 2021 batch started her preparation in April with 2 hrs during weekdays and 3—4 hrs on weekends. She made her examination strategy in a way that she could revise the entire syllabus 2 times before examination and practiced all questions of the revision kit; she also finished the last 10 years’ examination papers and that too twice.

 Work commitment, examination preparation, and remote-based examination were enough to make her nervous. A good amount of practice with time management is essential and she recommends the same.

She says - Eduyush team was extremely helpful and quickly responded to her questions.

Poorva took 3 months for her preparation; she initially started with 1-2 hours every day which was later increased to 3 hours. For her, Eduyush Team was a great help, she made sure to revise the subject before the weekend session. She did not miss any online classes and noted key points and tips shared by the Faculty. BPP books BPP passcards, Eduyush workbooks, curated videos, quizzes, and past 5 years’ question papers were helpful in clarifying her doubts and gave her a better understanding of the concepts. She did a thorough practice of descriptive questions as well as consolidation questions on the CBE platform/ BPP software.

CBE platform was the major challenge for her since the application has a lot of restrictions and limitations. Instructions should be read very carefully before sitting for the examination.  

 She believes that one should be adaptive enough to learn, unlearn and relearn. Being CA / Non-CA won’t make much difference. 

 She highly recommends Eduyush as a learning partner because of the resources, faculty, and students' support. A weekend session is the best time to get the doubts cleared by the faculty. Mock tests and quizzes further helped in identifying the weak areas.  

 She also suggests a strong wifi connection and UPS facility before the examination.

Keshav, a qualified Chartered Accountant and working professional has his own experience to share with us. For him, the weekend was the best time to cover up the time; 4 to 5 hours was a must for him since he used to get merely 2 hours during weekdays. 

For him, Eduyush was ‘The Golden Ticket’; he followed the chapter schedule and reviewed the chapter before every weekend session so that all his doubts are clear. Like his morning tea, practicing 1 consolidation sum in CBE software and revision of other chapters based on Eduyush schedule was his everyday routine. Our faculty’s methodology helped him a lot in clarifying the doubts.

CBE was more stressful than the exam itself, everyday practice in BPP software for more than a month gave him the confidence and knowledge of all the in and outs of the application.  He also wrote 2 to 3 mock tests in the BPP software considering the time limitations.

Being a CA was an advantage for him, as he was already familiar with a couple of concepts and correlated them well with DipIFRS.

He recommends

  • BPP study materials
  • Eduyush notes and excel workings for better understanding of the concepts
  • Quizzes which covered more conceptual parts of the chapter
  • Mock Examination
  • BPP Software Practice for CBE exams
  • Past year questions papers and revision kit


Vandana, a non-CA and working professional was determined to clear the examination even after a long academic gap. She says – Success Depends on Your Backbone Not Your Wishbone’.

She was very consistent in her preparation; reading and revising the concepts before the weekend session was the key success factor for her. She neither missed any class nor weekend quizzes. Initially, IFRS 9 (Financial Instrument), IAS 12 (Income tax) and IFRS 15 (Revenue) were concerned areas for her which later got resolved.

CBE was not a major issue for her, infact, this was better than the classroom based examination; regular practice is needed so that you can complete your examination in 3.15 hours.

She says - A tutor handhold you throughout the process from schedule preparation to the revision of concepts; mock tests for testing your concepts and capacity and that’s where Eduyush supported her.

She recommends some key points like –

  • BPP text is good enough + Revision kit question bank
  • Quizzes 
  • Google classroom material is helpful and suggested to be covered in the beginning
  • Past year papers
  • Mock examination


For our students, the Recipe for Success turns out to be Consistency, Dedication and Determination. Many thanks to Mankirat, Poorva, Kesav, Vandana for sharing their wonderful journey with us.


  • Anoop October 21, 2022 at 2:03 pm

    Please provide details about Dip IFRS

  • Anoop October 21, 2022 at 2:03 pm

    Please provide course details and fee details of dipifrs

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