Best books on IFRS. Top 4 updated for 2024

Oct 8, 2022by Sianna Shah

Best books on IFRS

The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are a set of accounting standards that organizations worldwide use. Over 100 countries have adopted IFRS, and the United States is in the process of doing so.

As the global economy has become more connected, it has become increasingly crucial for businesses to have a common set of accounting standards. This is where IFRS comes in.

If you want to learn more about IFRS, you are in luck. There are many excellent books on the subject. This blog post will list the top 4 best books on IFRS. These books will provide a solid foundation to build your understanding of IFRS.

Here's a quick summary of what we recommend.  

Our recommendation is based on your functional profile and need

  • Partner in an accounting firm - Manual of accounting - IFRS by PWC
  • IFRS specialist working in a corporate - Wiley Books
  • Books for Finance professionals - BPP Diploma in IFRS
  • IFRS books for accounting students and non-finance - IFRS for dummies

Analysis of the books

1. Wiley 2023 Interpretation and Application of IFRS Standards

The Wiley IFRS Standards 2023 book is a revised and comprehensive resource that includes the information you need to interpret and apply the most recent International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) outlined by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB).

Price approx - 8000 INR

Eduyush recommendation:

  • The writing is clear and concise.
  • They have examples that help to understand the problem.
  • They are organized so you can easily find the topics you need information about.

The only unfavourable point is that some topics are not covered, and reference is given only to other kinds of literature.

The Kindle edition is reasonably priced and can be purchased from Amazon.

2. Manual of accounting - IFRS by PWC

PwC's Manual of accounting IFRS is a guide to the International Accounting Standards Board's (IASB) standards. These standards can be complex, but this guide breaks them down into practical advice. The 2023 edition of the book includes updates made since December 2022.

Price for ebook - approx 22,000 INR

Eduyush recommendation:


  • A Practitioners delight . It is a comprehensive book with many examples
  • Illustrative examples at the end of each chapter
  • references to standards and interpretations effective in the future
  • Lots of FAQs


  • Pricing, it costs almost 200 GBP for an ebook edition. It's a lot to pay if IFRS standards keep getting updated yearly

3. BPP Diploma in IFR books

The ACCA's Diploma in International Financial Reporting is designed for accountants who have been qualified by national accounting standards and want to learn about International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

The book has been fully updated to include all portions of the IFRS set so far and reflects technical developments in the subject area. The BPP Learning Media team is an ACCA-approved content provider, meaning they have written this specific text with you in mind!

We also ran a survey of our past ACCA DIPIFR students to give their opinion on this book, here are the poll results

The poll was conducted over 1000+ students and it looks like all of them have given it a great thumbs up and fulfilled their IFRS needs

Poll on BPP DIPIFR books

Price: Paperback. 4300 INR , ebooks 2250 INR

Watch our expert video on usage of passcards

Eduyush recommendation:


  • The most sought-after books to clear the ACCA DIPIFR exams. Non-ACCA students can benefit from the logical flow of explanations with case studies, questions and examples.
  • BPP Passcards summarize the IFRS into slides. Easy to carry and visual aids are a big plus point.
  • Paperbacks and digital ebook are very reasonably priced compared to others.


  • It covers the syllabus as set out by ACCA. Some complex topics in consolidation and derivatives and cash flow statements don't have coverage.

4. IFRS for Dummies by Steven Collings

IFRS For Dummies is a guide that explains IFRS and international accounting and balancing standards. The focus is easy to read and has examples to help you understand the complex subject.

Price ebook - Approx 1300 INR

Eduyush recommendation:


  • A Perfect starter for accounting students and non-finance professionals
  • Language is not too complex or technical.
  • The flow of logic is easy to comprehend and understand


  • Lack of in-depth knowledge
  • Lack of adequate practical examples


These are the top four best books on IFRS. They will provide a solid foundation to learn about this critical topic. With so many countries adopting IFRS, it is becoming increasingly crucial for businesses to have a common set of accounting standards. These books will help you understand why that is and how IFRS works.

If you are looking to get a certification or take training on IFRS. Eduyush offers solutions from both AICPA and ACCA to get your certifications. Do read up our expert blog to know which course is best suited for you.

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