Revealing the Insights of IFRS Salary In India: How It Impacts Your Career!

Oct 16, 2022by Eduyush Team

IFRS salary in India 2024

IFRS salary in India

The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) is a set of accounting standards that provides a common framework for financial reporting. IFRS is used by companies in more than 140 countries, including India.

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are the global standards of financial reporting that provide a framework for how companies should present their financial performance and position.

There is a growing demand in India for qualified professionals who can use IFRS principles to report financial information accurately and effectively. If you're considering a career in accounting and want to know more about an IFRS salary in India, keep reading! 

So, what is the salary of IFRS in India? 

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Key takeaways

  1. On average, there are close to 5500 jobs listed at any time on job portals or corporate websites in India
  2. 90% chance of getting called for an interview if you are certified by either ACCA or AICPA
  3. 30%. Higher salary when IFRS certification is added to your pre-existing qualification.
  4. The median India average wage for IFRS-qualified candidates is between Rs. 13-16 lakhs per year
  5. Top companies hiring are in the Accounting/Audit Industry
  6. Mumbai has the maximum number of IFRS jobs
  7. 60% of IFRS jobs demand is for CA's
  8. The 10 year average IFRS salary growth is ~ 15% YoY
  9. CA's who do the IFRS get an average increase of 18% on salary after completing this course
Key takeaways Details
Global Recognition of IFRS IFRS is used by companies in over 140 countries, including India.
Demand for IFRS Professionals in India High demand for qualified professionals with IFRS skills in India.
IFRS Salary Insights in India - Median salary for IFRS-qualified candidates: Rs. 13-16 lakhs per year.
- Mumbai has the highest number of IFRS jobs.
- CA's who complete IFRS see an average 18% increase in salary.
Recruiters' Preferences and Search Process - Recruiters prioritize candidates certified by ACCA, or AICPA,
- Use keywords like ACCA DipIFR or AICPA Certificate in IFRS on profiles.
Educational Qualifications Preferred by Recruiters - 65% of recruiters prefer CA with IFRS skills.
- 50% look for finance graduates, and 30% prefer ICWAI-qualified students.
Salary Growth Opportunities with IFRS Specialization IFRS professionals can experience up to 30% salary growth, plus bonuses.
Opportunities arise due to increased regulations and compliance requirements.
Eduyush Training for IFRS Certification Comprehensive IFRS training at Eduyush with the option of ACCA or AICPA certification.
Specialized guidance for ACCA DIPIFR exams and overwhelming candidates.

Why should you be certified in IFRS?

Why should you be certified in IFRS

Representing your skills as a certification gives you a way to share your abilities with a potential recruiter in a way that is simple, trusted and can be easily verified. Certifications provide employers and peers concrete evidence of what you had to do to earn your credential and what you're now capable of.

How do recruiters search for IFRS candidates?

The demand for IFRS in India is very high. Considering the number of job postings and applicants, it gets very tedious for the recruiter to filter the suitable candidates for an interview.

On average, at least 10000+ candidates are listed on a job portal or LinkedIn for every search a recruiter makes for IFRS skills. 

This is how the process works.

  • Recruiter searches for candidates with keywords IFRS 
  • The recruiter sees nearly 10,000 candidates coming up in search at any time.
  • The recruiter applies filters for experience and city and adds qualifications like CA, etc.
  • Recruiters will still see close to 1000+ CVs, as most candidates put the knowledge of IFRS on their CV.
  • As the recruiter has time to see only a max of 100 CVs, they further refine it with keywords ACCA IFRS or AICPA IFRS. 
  • As certified candidates are few, these CVs are hand-picked and sent to the hiring managers for interview.

HR and finance Recruiters prefer if the candidate has been certified by an authoritative accounting body like ACCA, AICPA or ICAEW. Read our blog to find out which certification you can take from these three.

We strongly advise putting the keywords ACCA DipIFR or AICPA Certificate in IFRS on your skillsets when updating your profiles in both job portals or Linkedin. 

IFRS Salary data 2024

IFRS salary in India

We looked at the average median salaries offered in major metro cities in India. The table below shows the salaries as well as average job openings at any point in time.

Salary by City

Average median salary
City Avg. Salary range * No: Jobs
Mumbai Rs. 15.6 to 18 lacs 1600-1900
Delhi NCR Rs. 13.6 to 16.3 lacs 1100-1300
Bangalore Rs. 14.2 to 17.7 lacs 600-800
Pune Rs. 12.3 to 14.3 lacs 200-400
Chennai Rs. 13.8 to 15.9 lacs 200-400
Hyderabad Rs. 14.2 to 16.3 lacs 200-400


* The average median salary is the midpoint of the salary range, considering years of experience.  

Jobs by Industry

The table shows which industries have the maximum number of jobs and the average median salaries.

industry Avg. Salary range * No: Jobs
Accounting/Audit Rs. 18 to 21 lacs 400-600
IT Firms Rs. 16 to 18 lacs 300-400
Outsourcing companies Rs. 14 to 18 lacs 600-800
Banking and financial  Rs. 16 to 20 lacs 300-400


What underlying qualifications do recruiters demand in addition to IFRS skillsets? 

Recruiters prefer students who have the following educational qualifications on their CV

  • 65% of recruiters are looking for a CA with IFRS skill sets
  • 50% of recruiters look to fill students with graduates in finance
  • 30% of recruiters look for ICWAI-qualified students

The basis on our understanding of the salaries, adding an IFRS skillset to your CV on top of your educational qualification can get you an incremental 20% to 30% salary and get you noticed by recruiters much faster.

Salary Growth Opportunities

Salary growth via IFRS

Regarding salary growth opportunities, plenty is available for those working with IFRS principles in India. The demand for experienced professionals proliferates due to increased regulations and compliance requirements imposed on businesses by the government and other regulatory bodies.

Organizations need skilled individuals who can help them adhere to these new guidelines while maintaining accurate financial records. This means that those who specialize in IFRS will be highly sought after—and thus compensated—for their expertise.

In addition to essential salary growth opportunities, those specializing in IFRS may also be eligible for bonuses or other incentives depending on the organization they work for. These extras can add significantly to one's total compensation package and further increase the potential earnings associated with this type of job.

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Closing comments

Adding IFRS certification to your pre-existing qualifications could give you a wage increase of up to 30%. That's according to the data collected from job portals and corporate websites in India.

 At Eduyush, we provide comprehensive training on IFRS and get you certified by either ACCA or AICPA so that you can improve your job prospects. 

If you are resitting the ACCA DIPIFR IFRS exams or find ACCA DIPIFR too overwhelming, do reach out to us, we can guide you with either training or substitutes.

Get in touch with us today and start your journey towards a well-paid career in finance!

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