How do you pass the ACCA DIPIFR Exam, student reviews on the Sep 20 exams

Nov 20, 2020by Vicky Sarin

Every student is keen to know the journey and experiences of students who have undergone the DIPIFR Exam to help them prepare better. We are sharing some of our students journeys as told by themselves to us upon clearing the Sep 20 Exams. Sep 20 exams were cancelled in India and the experiences are from our international students.

Let’s hear it from the students who have cleared the September 2020 examination. 

Veronica Baicu (Istanbul) 

Veronica cleared the Sep 2020 examination. She has shared her 6 years’ DIPIFR journey along with some important tips.

She says - I enrolled in 2014, but was not consistent with the decision to pursue this certification. Therefore, my BPP books became obsolete while registering 3 times for the exam, without showing up.

I restarted it in 2018, using the old books (2014-2015), which was a bad idea and I don't recommend. I scored 29 marks in December and was happy about knowing how the exam looked like. I studied mainly from the Text Book.

I continued in June 2019, studying mainly from the Revision Kit (a newer version 2018-2019). I scored 41 marks and got some confidence.

In December 2019, I took 2 weeks off, and dedicated my days in practicing previous year question papers. The exam structure slightly changed and I scored 33 marks which was a Big disappointment.

That did not stop me from trying again in June 2020. I enrolled myself for upcoming examination in June. During this time, I discovered the eduyush whatsapp study group and I joined it as soon as I got to know. Purchased the Eduyush FlexiQuiz, the BPP Books, and continued studying.

For me, Covid was Blessing in Disguise, June examination got postponed to September, and I got some additional time, I focused on my last exams from MBA. I studied without any break from mid June to early September. I mainly read the Study Text, at home, on the beach, after lunch during vacation, when my friends used to have a little nap.

Consistency is my Mantra and regular studies helped me a lot. I got my first prize from the eduyush weekly quiz on the beach, reading the little fonts on my phone. That provided a boost to my morale. I love Provisions (legal and/ or contingent obligations).

I arrived at the examination venue 1 hour in advance, as recommended, and re-read the BPP Passcard.

On top of that, I read as much as possible about the examiners reports, what they expect to read in our papers for each question / answer. How the question is structured, what knowledge do they expect to discover in the paper.

Finally, I got the result and couldn’t be more proud to see 51 points on the dashboard.

I learnt that explanation is very important; you need to explain your calculation in detail.  

Be confident and focus during the exam. All the information provided in the question paper is supposed to be used.


AHMED SABER (Cairo) - scored 68%

Ahmed is very systematic and according to him a study plan is very important and same should be followed without fail.

He has shared some tips with us –

1). Don't fear if your English language is not good , it's not an obstacle.

2). Do not memorize, try to understand all the IFRS standards

3). Practice, practice and practice

4). Test yourself before appearing for the examination


ARMAN KHAN (Riyadh) scored 67%

Arman struggled between his office work and examination preparation. But who can stop you if you decide to do it. Arman dedicated his after office hours to DipIFRS and utilized the pandemic lockdown period to study.

 He studied 4 hours every day for 2.5 months for clearing the examination. First month, he understood the examination format, pattern of question level, syllabus and then studied one by one through online classes and materials.

Next one and a half month, he practiced the past examination question papers of ten years which helped him to have a practical understanding of the standards.

And spent some time for conceptual understanding of theory standards as well which carries about 25 to 35 Marks.

 Tips -

 1). Go through the entire syllabus, format and pattern of the question paper.

2). Understand the concept of standard then go to the question asked in past exams.

3). Practice, practice and practice. Note the tricky concept while you are facing tough/important while solving the question.

4). Don’t skip the small standard. Understanding the concept of theory type standards is very important to crack this exam.

5). Attempting full 100 marks is extremely important.

6). Test Yourself before the examination. Attempt the complete question paper in 3 hr 15 minutes.  

We say thank you to Veronica, Arman and Ahmed for sharing their experience with fellow students. Wishing everyone All the Best for the examination. 

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