A Student's Honest Review of AICPA's IFRS Certification: Worth the Hype?

Apr 26, 2023by Sianna Shah

AICPA IFRS Certification review. Is it worth the Hype?

Are you searching for a reliable and comprehensive International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) course that covers accounting policies, financial statement presentations, financial instruments, and other crucial topics? Or are you looking for insights into a student's personal experience of the program? Look no further!

 As a professional in the accounting and finance industry, staying up-to-date with the latest financial reporting standards is essential. However, with numerous courses available in the market, selecting one that suits your needs can take time. It's essential to gain insights from individuals who have taken the course to assess its quality and relevance.

Recently, we interviewed Felix John, who completed the AICPA IFRS certification and gained valuable insights into the program. The student shared honest feedback on the course's structure, content, and overall experience. Through our interview, we discovered that the course covers a wide range of topics related to IFRS, making it a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.

 By enrolling in the AICPA IFRS course, you can gain valuable knowledge and skills related to IFRS adoption and implementation, accounting principles, financial disclosures, financial analysis, and more. The course is designed to provide a deep understanding of IFRS and equip you with the necessary skills to apply IFRS effectively in your organization. 

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Interview with Felix John

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CA Finalist / ACCA DipIFR / IFRS & US GAAP Fundamentals - AICPA

Felix AICPA IFRS review


1. What do you think was the most valuable part of the program and why?

Response: I have been working in the accounting and audit industry for the past eight years, and this has been one of the most flexible certification programs to complete. Self-paced modules can be completed at our own pace, and being a working professional, spending a few hours a day regularly was sufficient.

2. What made you choose the program with AICPA & CIMA?

Response: AICPA & CIMA is globally recognized, and completing the program gives professionals an edge over their peers. AICPA offers many programs based on rapid changes in the industry, like blockchain accounting, ESG programs and data analytics. 

3. What was your learning experience and outcome of doing this program?

Response: Conceptual clarity for specific IFRS has been helpful while applying them in real-life situations. Preparing financials or auditing them has been much more straightforward after completion of the program.

4. How will this learning help you in your career?

Response: This program has given me the knowledge to understand the differences between the local GAAP (IND AS) and IFRS. The digital badge received after completion of the program has helped me while applying for jobs

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5. How would you rate this program?

(How would you compare with similar market offerings available)

Response: 4/5

This program is flexible, and the MCQ tests can be taken multiple times for each module compared to other certifications, where you need to give a computer-based examination at a predetermined date for the entire curriculum. The program is priced slightly on the higher side.

6. Any other comments/views/feedback/recommendations

Response: A more interactive module and the portal's software loading/buffering time can be improved. 

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