Calendar for Revision classes for IFRS

Oct 29, 2020by Eduyush Team

2022 Calendar for Classes (IFRS Training Course)

This is the calendar for live lectures to be held for the Dec 22 exams.

  • Classes are for 3-4 hours.  
  • The topics are repeated twice once on Saturday at  5 PM IST and other Sunday 10 AM IST
  • Students can attend any of the lectures as per their convenience. 
  • The Zoom links will be shared on the Eduyush classroom a day before the lecture starts
  • Recordings of the lectures will be made available within 2 days of the lecture.
  • We recommend students to read all the study materials on the Eduyush Classroom and take quizzes beforehand, to make full utilization of the lectures
  • We cover almost 70% of the topics in our live lectures. The topics chosen are those where we feel the likelihood of them coming in the exams is high. For other topics, students can refer to the recordings of these lectures.
  • All recordings are uploaded and students can view them unlimited times


2022 Calendar

(Scroll right if you are on mobile to see dates)

Topics Dec 22
Orientation and Introduction to IFRS training. Discussion with prior batch 1st Saturday of July and August 
IFRS warm-up lecture  Jun 25
IFRS basic concepts July 30
Conceptual framework, Formats of FS & Ethics Sep 3 
 Borrowing costs Investment Property & Government Grants, Non-current assets held for sale and discontinued Sep 10 

Earnings per share, Fair Value and Foreign rates

Sep 17 & 18

IAS19 Employee benefits

Sep 24 & 25
IAS 37 Provisions, Events after reporting date  Oct 1 & 2
Income Taxes IAS 12  Oct 8 & 9
IFRS 2 Share based payments  Oct 15 & 16
IFRS 15 Revenue  Oct 22 & 23
IFRS 16 Leases  Oct 29 & 30
Financial Instruments  Nov 5 & 6
Consolidation Part 1  Nov 12 & 13
Consolidation Part 2  Nov 19 & 20
IAS 41, IFRS SME, other topics Nov 26 only
CBE mock exam software, CBE practice Nov 27 only
Practice and revision of extra topics- Session 1 Dec 3 only
Practice and revision of extra topics- Session 2 Dec 4 only

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