Navigating the AICPA IFRS Certificate: A Student's Tale of Triumph and Tribulations

by Eduyush Team

AICPA IFRS certification Review

Are you interested in taking an AICPA IFRS course but need clarification on whether it fits you? Have you been searching for first-hand feedback from someone who has taken the course? Look no further!

 We recently had the opportunity to interview Rawther, who completed the AICPA IFRS course and gained valuable insights into the program. He is a student who shared his thoughts on the course, including the structure, content, and overall experience.

After speaking with the student, we found he highly recommended the course for anyone looking to understand the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). He mentioned that the course covered a wide range of topics, including financial statement presentations, accounting policies, and financial instruments. He also praised the course's interactive nature, which helped him better understand the material.

 If you're considering taking an AICPA IFRS course, we encourage you to check out this interview and learn more about the student's experience. 

By taking this course, you'll gain the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively apply IFRS in your organization and take your career to the next level. Don't wait any longer; take the first step today!

Interview with Rawther Riswan

AICPA IFRS certification feedback

1. What do you think was the most valuable part of the program and why?

Response: One of the most valuable parts of the program was the comprehensive coverage of the different IFRS standards and their practical applications. This helped me understand how to apply the standards in real-world situations and gave me confidence in working with IFRS professionally. Additionally, the interactive exercises and case studies were beneficial in reinforcing my understanding of the concepts and applying them to specific scenarios.

2. What made you choose the program with AICPA & CIMA?

Response: I chose the program with AICPA & CIMA because they are highly respected professional organizations in accounting and finance. I was looking for a program that would give me a comprehensive understanding of IFRS and the skills to apply the standards in practice. AICPA & CIMA have a reputation for providing quality education and training for accounting professionals. The program was also convenient as it offered flexible online learning options that fit my schedule. Overall, the program with AICPA & CIMA was the best choice for me to advance my career in accounting and finance.

3. What was your learning experience and outcome of doing this program?

Response: My learning experience in the program was excellent. The course was well-structured and engaging, giving me a deep understanding of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). The contents were approachable, and they provided practical examples and case studies (Like Dominos PLC) to help me apply the concepts in real-world scenarios. The interactive exercises and assessments were beneficial in reinforcing my learning and testing my understanding of the standards.

As an outcome of completing the program, I am confident in working with IFRS standards and applying them to real-world scenarios. I have comprehensively understood the different IFRS standards and their practical applications. I am better equipped to navigate the complexities of financial reporting in a global business environment. Overall, I am delighted with my learning experience and the outcome of completing the program.

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4. How will this learning help you in your career?

Response:  This learning will benefit my career as an accounting or finance professional. It has given me a comprehensive understanding of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), which are increasingly important in today's global business environment. With this knowledge, I am better equipped to navigate the complexities of financial reporting, including the challenges of international financial reporting, which is essential in today's globalized business environment.

Furthermore, the skills and knowledge I gained from this program will help me improve the financial reporting quality in my organization and make better decisions based on the financial information available. This program has also helped me to stay up-to-date with the latest accounting standards and regulations, which is essential for maintaining the trust of stakeholders and keeping my organization compliant with regulatory requirements.

Overall, the learning I gained from this program will help me advance my career and achieve my professional goals in accounting or finance.

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5. How would you rate this program? (How would you compare with similar market offerings available)

Response: I rate this program highly. It gave me a comprehensive understanding of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), a highly valued skill in today's global business environment. The program was well-structured and engaging, and the instructors were knowledgeable and supportive. The interactive exercises and case studies helped reinforce my learning, and the assessments were a good way to test my understanding of the material.

Compared to other market offerings available, this program is highly competitive in terms of its quality of instruction, comprehensive coverage of IFRS, and practical applications of the concepts learned. The flexible online learning options and the ability to learn at my own pace were also beneficial in accommodating my busy schedule. Overall, this program is an excellent choice for accounting and finance professionals looking to enhance their understanding of IFRS and improve their skills in financial reporting.

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6. Any other comments/views/feedback/recommendations


One recommendation is to provide more real-world case studies and exercises that simulate practical scenarios encountered in accounting and finance roles. This will help learners to apply their knowledge of IFRS standards in realistic situations and build confidence in their abilities. The number of questions in each assessment can also be increased further.

Another recommendation is to provide more interactive opportunities for learners to engage with fellow learners, such as discussion forums, webinars, or virtual study groups. This will create a more collaborative learning environment and allow learners to ask questions, share ideas, and receive feedback.

Finally, providing learners with regular updates and resources on changes or updates to IFRS standards would be beneficial, as the standards are subject to frequent changes and updates.

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View Rawther's linked in post on his AICPA IFRS credentials

Link to Rawther's Linkedin Bio : 

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Summing up

In conclusion, the AICPA IFRS course has received positive feedback from a recently completed student. The course offers a comprehensive understanding of International Financial Reporting Standards, covering various topics and featuring interactive elements that help students better understand the material.

If you're interested in enrolling for the AICPA IFRS course, we recommend speaking with us at We offer a wide range of professional development courses, including the AICPA IFRS course, ACCA Diploma in IFR, ESG, USGAAP etc.

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