CBE Student guide for ACCA DIPIFR | Important links to familiarise yourself

Dec 26, 2020by Vicky Sarin

CBE or Computer Based exams were introduced for the first time in Dec 2020. Lots of students faced issues as the format was pretty new. Larger issues which students faced were

1) Ability to navigate multiple windows at the same time

2) Unfamiliarity with the Excel functions on the CBE format

3) Time management, lots of students didn't finish the exam on time

ACCA has put out some good videos and resources which students can access to familiarise themselves with the CBE format.

Get Familiar

Start by getting familiar with the CBE interface for the Strategic Professional (SP) exams, you can do this by accessing the resources linked below. click here

CBE guidance document

Read through the CBE Guidance document. This provides a comprehensive introduction to the SP CBE functionality. This will guide you as you start to explore specimens and other practice content on the practice platform. Click here to download the document

CBE Preparation videos

Watch the bitesize videos introducing what to consider before the exam day, exam strategy and how to manage the workspace effectively, including tips and techniques for completing answers. Click here to watch a video

Managing the SP CBE workspace

Watch the short video on how to manage the SP CBE workplace effectively. Acquire tips and tricks that can make it more efficient for you when attempting questions in the real exam.

Practice Hard

Make it a habit to practice exam questions using the practice specimen. You’ll be able to view up to date specimens and past exam questions provided by ACCA. Practice at least 7-10 timespage1image144675808 

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