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Problem Solving and Decision Making

Problem Solving and Decision Making

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We make decisions all day long. Some are quick and simple, and some decisions have a far reaching impact. When time is of the essence, we tend to skip important steps in the problem-solving and decision-making processes, thinking that a fast result is the best result. However, in hindsight, we soon recognize that taking more time in the discovery and planning phases yield a much better outcome.

This path will first help you effectively frame problems and gather all the information you need about them. Next, it will teach you techniques for generating alternatives strategies for solving them, and show you how to hone your decision-making skills.Finally, the path will explain how to implement your decisions in ways that optimize their chances of acceptance and success.

Students preparing to enter the workforce, entry-level employees who have just entered the workforce and mid-level employees, and other business professionals who want to enhance their ability to solve business problems and make effective personal and organizational decisions.


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Total 3 hours

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Table of Content


Solving Problems: Framing the Problem


Solving Problems: Generating and Evaluating Alternatives


Making and Carrying Out Tough Decisions


Playing the Devil's Advocate in Decision Making


Turning Problems Around with Reverse Brainstorming


Uncovering the Root Problem


Problem Solving: Process, Tools, and Techniques


Decisions: Making the Right Move

  • The course subscription validity period is for 6 or 12 Months respectively.
  • Since it’s an online course, hence the content cannot be downloaded.
  • The course access & the login credentials will be shared within 48 hrs of course enrollment.

All students will get a certificate upon successful completion of course. Click here for sample

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    Decision making

    Content was good and it helped me a lot understanding managerial issues. It helped me to take care of my career specifically reviews feedbacks and appraisals. Eerybody should do this course.

    Best Platform for online learning

    This is one of the best platform for online learning for management skill and administration it is to be recminded to all the professionals who wants upgrade their skills and that could be benifitted in their careers.There are many things you can all from this online course regarding time management, planning, skills to upgrade you future task management and professional behavior with subordinates. It is also helpful for career management and growth in overall professional life.