How Do you clear the ACCA DIPIFR Exam, - Dec 20 Student reviews

Jan 20, 2021by Eduyush Team

Dec 2020 was a unique exam as in the sense it was the first batch of students who wrote the Exams on a computer and undertook the exams from home. So not only there was added pressure of the subject, they also had to be the first batch to conquer their fears over the CBE remote exams.

We are sharing feedback stories from 3 of our students as to how they went through their journey. The feedback has been replicated and is intended to help and bring belief to other students who are writing the DIPIFR (Diploma in IFRS) exams that they too can clear .

At Eduyush we had some outstanding results, over 20% of our students scored over 70, here's what some of the students said

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Priya DCosta - Scored 77% - 

Firstly, A huge thank you to the entire Eduyush team. It’s been nothing short of a roller coaster ride, switching from paper based exams to CBE to remote exams. And the entire team wholeheartedly helped at every stage.


CBE exams require practice. One may be extremely well conceptually but that has to executed well in the CBE exams. The CBE dashboard will consist of:
1. Questions in PDF
2. Text Editor ( Similar to MS word)
3. Spreadsheet ( Similar to a very basic version of Excel)

These options are provided based upon the questions asked. So Q1 on consolidation has only the spreadsheet option. From the balance, spreadsheet would be available only if there are calculations involved, say for questions on IFRS 2.

Each sub-part of a question is a separate PDF. Further, toggling through the keyboard is not possible. Switching among PDFs is possible only through mouse clicks. This means you have to balance your screen space in such a way that you are able to read and answer the questions with minimum clicks. Try and use the largest monitor you can think of!

The spreadsheet software is very basic, it won’t allow you to:
1. Repeat formulae into the cell below using Ctrl+D
2. Insert rows Or columns using Ctrl+space or rows using shift+space
3. Show formulae using F2.
4. Use Autosum

Formulae can only start with with =, not with @ or +

In a nutshell, if you well-versed in Excel, make a conscious effort to remind yourself this isn’t Excel. Else, you would end up losing precious time.

Time management is of utmost importance. During the mocks, a consolidation question I solved on Excel 2010 in 30 minutes took 1:10 hrs in the CBE software.

The total time available to attempt the paper is 3 hours 15 minutes. I would recommend to solve the consolidation question at the end, as this one is usually tricky. Even you are not able to complete the consolidation, points would still be awarded for steps.

In addition to whichever books you refer, Do the Eduyush Quizzes and Google class material very well. They are the most well drafted questions and the most well curated content I've come across in my study journey.

That’s all from my December 2020 DipIFR CBE experience. Best wishes to you!

Reema Goregaonkar - Scored 81%

  • Revision is must to get high marks... I had completed 3 revisions before giving the Dec attempt. Hence giving me ample time to appear for mocks n practice past exam questions
  • Conceptual clarity is a must... u need to know concepts thoroughly Eduyush Google Classroom quizzes helped me for it 
  • A positive state of mind . No need to hype about it.. it’s just a normal exam
  • And yes my bs didn’t tally in exam so students who worry that they can’t score good of their bs didn’t tally .. u have a live example in front of you. You do get marks for steps 
  • - Also since it’s a cbe exam I need to study EVERYTHING !! Can’t leave anything in option.. everything is equally important .

Pooja Chirania - Scored 80%

First of all, I would like to thank Eduyush and their team for constant support and learning updates since the time of enrolment until the exam date! 

  • It is important to categorise the topics based on some factors like weightage, difficulty level, own strengths like I had then segregated as: Consolidation, New standards including IFRS 15, IFRS 16 Frequently tested ones based on past papers like SME, Agriculture, Mineral under Q4/Q3
  • Plan to complete the study text and all online lectures before the actual study leave of approx 8-10days right before the exam. 
  • Attempt as many quiz questions for important topics as it clarifies concepts.
  • The key part is to revise the study text and solve the exam kit and past papers at least twice in the study leave time period.
  • Also, with CBE, I would suggest practicing on the computer to understand writing pattern of answers (do watch Vijaya Ma’am’s video on this) and while solving the exam kit, try to plan answers in the same format. Also focus on improving speed as papers are lengthy and one may loose out marks if not practiced well.
  • Lastly, it’s important to focus on all key concepts and not panic in situations of exam pressure or technical issues during the exam time - be calm and prepared for the worst (like my laptop literally didn’t start 5min before the exam but had i panicked, I would have lost the confidence)

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