List of study resources available for Performance Management F5 exams of ACCA

Jun 26, 2021by Eduyush Team

We are compiling some of the additional resources which help students clear the exams

Technical articles

 The Examining team for PM have written various articles which you should read to support your studies. The articles can be found on the ACCA website, via the following link:

Study support videos

In addition to articles, the ACCA have provided study support videos which can be accessed via the following link

Past question papers and Examiners Debrief

Guidance to help you if you are taking the SBL exam for the first time as this takes you through how to use the examiner’s reports as part of your revision phase

Understanding the examiners mind

Good exam technique alongside good technical knowledge is key to exam success. But what is good exam technique in PM, how do you improve these skills and what about the skills marks? - Read here

BPP Training ECR - click here 

If you can self study and need an edge to clear your exams, look no further than BPP ECR @ INR 4600. In brief.

What is the BPP ECR?

The Enhanced Classroom is ideal for Self-Study Students who want the benefit of online access to content, learning activities, and assessments whenever and wherever they want.


Take a look at the Quality of the BPP training before you make a decision. There is a demo of PM, click on My learning and take the PM demo


user name:

password: Demo2021

Course Provider

BPP - ACCA Platinum training partner. View an explanation video

Course Validity

Course access is valid for 2 exam attempts

What's in the course

  1. Online recorded lectures (unlimited views)
  2. Assessments and Mock tests
  3. CBE software practice area
  4. Further Practice questions (printable)

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