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Eduyush IFR Self Study Module Diploma in IFRS by ACCA | DIPIFR ACCA online course

Eduyush IFR Self Study Module. Suitable for DIPIFR, CERTIFR or Knowledge on IFR

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This self-study program is intended for professionals working in accounting, audit, and finance who want to take the ACCA DipIFR exam or broaden their knowledge of the theoretical and practical aspects of IFR. 

Specialists certified under this program will acquire:

  • in-depth understanding of key IFR principles and rules;
  • skills necessary for preparing financial statements under IFR, including consolidated financial statements;
  • experience in developing professional judgment on the practical application of IFR.
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    • 1000 + pages of handouts
    • 700 + questions (quiz) over various standards
    • 12 weekend live lectures with unlimited views on recording
    • 20 + Excel templates with case studies
    • Links to ACCA study resources and guide books
    • 20+ Curated online Youtube videos on tough standards
    • Students with a base in IndAS or IFR wont need to spend money on expert coaching once they go through these self-study modules
    • Classroom.google app available on android and ios
    • Click here for detailed index

    Study materials

    • ACCA past question papers and ACCA technical guidance.
    • IAS 1 :  90+ pages of analysis, excel templates and summarised notes
    • IAS 2 - summarised notes, examples and video explanation
    • IAS 8 - 30+ sheets of analysis, excel templates
    • IAS 12 - 80 + sheets of analysis, summarised notes, excel examples
    • Asset Accounting : IAS 16, IAS 36, IAS 38, IAS 40, IAS 41 , 200+ pages with examples on each of the standards
    • IAS 19 - 90+ pages of analysis, excel templates and summarised notes
    • Group accounting and consolidation - 150+ pages of analysis, excel templates and summarised notes
    • IFRS 15 : Video training, 100 + pages of analysis, excel templates and summarised notes
    • IFRS 16 : Video training, 100 + pages of analysis, excel templates and summarised notes
    • Financial instruments: Video training, 200 + pages of analysis, excel templates and summarised notes
    • IFRS 2 : 50 + pages of analysis, excel templates and summarised notes
    • IFRS 5 : 30 + pages of analysis
    • IFRS8 : 30 + pages of analysis
    • IAS 20 : 30 + pages of analysis
    • IAS 23 : 30 + pages of analysis
    • IAS 33 : 40 + pages of analysis, examples
    • IAS 37 : 40 + pages of analysis, examples

    If you choose the combo product

    You get the 2 BPP e-books; Study text and practice and revision kit


    • Quiz on every standard covering concepts
    • 600+ questions to calibrate your knowledge
    • Weekly contests 

    Bonus materials 

    • Interview coaching and resume preparation online training
    • COVID 19 accounting issues
    • 30% discount on resume and linked preparation 

    A lot of students registered with us have expressed that they are unwilling to take a coaching class due to:

    • Timing: as classes are held on weekends 
    • Value for money: coaching classes are Rs. 20K upwards and it pains when they miss a class
    • Attention span: Finance professionals, find it hard to attend full-day classes after tiring days at work

    Keeping the above, we have designed a self-study module to help you learn IFRS fast with both a mix of detailed workbooks and summarised notes. 

    Feedback which we have received from students is that they have greatly benefited not only from exam preparation but also referring notes for practical application in day to day jobs.

    • Since it’s an online course, hence the content cannot be downloaded.
    • The course access & the login credentials will be shared within 4 hrs of course enrollment.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 39 reviews

    Very Key one to gain knowledge & crack DipIFRS

    Poorva Chube
    Excellent Study materials

    The experience of studying of Dip-IFRS has been made enjoyable and interesting by the Eduyush team. The study material, prompt support and especially the sessions conducted by Vijaya ma'am (one of the best faculties I have ever come across) help us alot in making concepts crystal clear. It boosts our confidence and develops the right approach to deal with the exams.

    Smruti Dhongde

    Very helpful staff and excellent learning platform.....

    karri rama linga reddy
    Very useful

    I just started my preparation, eduyush team has come up with a good time table. The weekly quizzes are very useful.

    Good IFRS training

    Very good institution , clears all doubts

    Great IFRS training

    Excellent learning plateform provided by eduyush. Thanks .