ACCA BPP ebooks - Strategic Professional exams (Sep22 - June 23 exams)

ACCA BPP ebooks - Strategic Professional exams (Sep22 - June 23 exams) - Eduyush

ACCA BPP ebooks - Strategic Professional exams (Sep22 - June 23 exams)

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Who is it for

 This level is the final stage of the ACCA Qualification. You will be given the chance to explore advanced techniques and gain professional experience that could lead to a career as a consultant or internal auditor.

Why is it important

The primary reason students fail the strategic professional exams is the lack of practice of questions and the way they write the answers. This book will help you


1 -2 business days


For syllabus Sep22 to June 23 except Tax which is valid till Mar 2023

What books does it have

  1. Study Text now renamed as Workbook

  2. Practice and revision kit


Its an e-book, it can be read on the browser or downloaded for offline reading on the BPP app. 


Please refer to our ready recokonner to plan your ACCA Exam and fees.

ACCA Exam dates: Read here

ACCA Exam fee: Read here


Read our detailed blog to get a comprehensive guide on the ACCA subjects.

We have compiled a subject-wise comparasion of books and evaluated which is better. This comparasion has been made from

  • Our cumulative past purchases since 2019
  • Students evaluation and feedback to us directly.

Read the detailed bog to get an overview of which is better

The ACCA books are updated on a regular basis in order to reflect the changes to the syllabus. 

Generally, the books are updated every September, except UK Tax which is updated every June to reflect the latest FA changes

We recommend students refer to the following

No these books cant be printed or downloaded. You have to read them on the publisher apps or online via login.

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Reena Mathew (Trivandrum, IN)

BPP ACCA ebooks - F4 to F9 Applied Skills papers Valid for exams Sep 22-June 23


Very good book & service

Mohammad Abid Sahibzada (Vancouver, CA)

Instant BPP ACCA SBL Books Strategic Business Leader. Combo set of Workbook & Revision kit. Valid for exams Sep 22 to Jun 23

Izzah (Jeddah, SA)
It's good needs to be better

It's good just needs update on how to download vitalsource app. Overall very good. Very fast support team.

Doston Abdulkadirov (Tashkent, UZ)

BPP ACCA ebooks - F4 to F9 Applied Skills papers Valid for exams Sep 22-June 23

Doston Abdulkadirov (Tashkent, UZ)

Buy ACCA BPP Applied Knowledge books Essential bundle of Workbook & revision kit. Sep 2022 to Aug 23

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