Remote exams - Key links

This page is a quick index of key thing for the remote exams


ACCA Remote exam hub 

  1. Run a System test
  2. Check your system specs
  3. How your desk should look like
  4. Launching your exam video
  5. Step by Step guide to launch your remote exam - Pls read this thoroughly
  6. Troubleshooting with ACCA
  7. Remote proctoring FAQ's
  8. Remote proctoring rules and regulations
  9. When you launch your exam docket, you will be required to fill in where you studied. Please fill Eduyush in free text against online learning

Things to keep in mind on exam day, basis past students expereinces

  1. Ensure continuous electricity supply, get a UPS
  2. Ensure phone is on silent and under no circumstance pick up your phone or make any noise
  3. Plan your 5 min comfort break 30 minutes in advance
  4. If your acca login doesn't work, click on this alternative link to launch your exam
  5. Pls delete any background desktop apps especially "anydesk", disable antivirus for that day