Get Certified in Microsoft Power BI: Unlock Your Data Insights! - Eduyush
Get Certified in Microsoft Power BI: Unlock Your Data Insights! - Eduyush
Get Certified in Microsoft Power BI: Unlock Your Data Insights! - Eduyush

Get Certified in Microsoft Power BI: Unlock Your Data Insights!

Get Certified in Microsoft Power BI: Unlock Your Data Insights!

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AICPA Microsoft Power BI course

Are you tired of struggling to make sense of your data? Microsoft Power BI can help you visualize and understand your data like never before.

With Power BI, you can create interactive dashboards, perform advanced data analysis, and gain real-time insights into your business. Plus, with features like data integration and predictive analytics, you'll be able to get a complete picture of your data.

With the AICPA Microsoft Power BI course, you can finally do data analysis independently without prior experience or training. Our nine-part self-study online series will teach you everything you need to know to use Power BI tools like a pro.

Take advantage of the power of Power BI. Try it yourself and see how it can transform your work with data.

About the course

The nine part study module course will help you

  • Learn to use Power BI tools for enhanced data analysis.
  • Remove the weaknesses of Excel PivotTables.
  • Take Excel from a low-end data analytics tool to one of the most sophisticated and comprehensive tools used.
  • Analyze your data more effectively than ever before.
  • Take your business to new heights with cutting-edge data analysis technique
  • Finish this series and be able to do things with data you never thought possible.

    Topics part of the course

    1. Introduction to MS Power BI Tools

    This course is an introduction to Microsoft Power BI tools. The course discusses the challenges of using Excel for data analysis while explaining the benefits of using the various Power BI tools to analyze data. In this course, you will:

    • Learn to access data from on−premise and cloud-based sources.
    • Identify data modeling tools that can save time in data preparation.
    Key Topics
    • Data analytics
    • Data analysis
    • Data modeling
    • Data sharing
    • Key performance indicators (KPIs)
    • Dashboards
    • Machine learning capabilities
    Learning Outcomes
    • Recognize ways that the Power BI tools can help with your data analysis needs.
    • Identify uses for each Power BI tool.
    • Determine which Power BI tools will meet your organization's needs.

    2. Prepare Your Data Efficiently for Excel Analysis

    This course focuses on getting data from different sources into Excel.

    Tools like Power Query (now known as "Get & Transform") can make transforming data from those sources quick and easy. Whether you are importing data or cleaning it, learn how to make it happen!

    Key Topics
    • Various forms of data sources
    • Accessing data sources
    • Working with multiple tables/sources
    • Importing data for analysis
    • Introduction to Get & Transform (formerly Power Query)
    Learning Outcomes
    • Differentiate between proper and improper data structure.
    • Select the best way to import data into Excel.
    • Identify ways to use Get & Transform/Power Query to clean your data.

    3. Analyze Your Data with Excel Pivot Tables

    This course demonstrates how to create pivot tables to make data analysis an easy task for all accountants. Participants will learn, step-by-step, the process for creating pivot tables and pivot charts for reporting. Set-up options will also be covered.

    Key Topics
    • Pivot tables for data analysis
    • Pivot table creation
    • Pivot charts
    Learning Outcomes
    • Determine the advantages of using PivotTables to analyze data from multiple dimensions
    • Apply the step-by-step process to create PivotTables
    • Choose the PivotTable options that best fit your needs
    • Use Pivot Charts to present your data graphically for the most effective analysis

    4. Create Excel Dashboards for Maximum Impact

    In this course, you will learn how to build robust dashboards for analyzing key metrics in Excel. The course begins with some dashboard design guidelines, such as understanding your audience and identifying necessary metrics, and shows how to create key performance indicators (KPIs).

    Key Topics
    • Dashboard design guidelines
    • Visual aids
    • Power BI tools that enhance dashboard creation
    Learning Outcomes
    • Create KPI dashboards that graphically represent your data.
    • Use Excel tools to easily create meaningful KPI dashboards.
    • Use dashboards to make strategic decisions

    5. Use Power Query to Transform Your Data

    This course focuses on using Power Query to clean, shape, and transform data while still allowing you a one-click refresh. The course will review various data issues including appending files, combining multiple files from a folder, adding custom columns, un-pivoting data, and creating a lookup table.

    Key Topics
    • File maintenance
    • Custom columns
    • Un-pivoting a table
    • Look-up tables

    6. Go Beyond Pivot Tables with Power Pivot

    This course focuses on using the Power Pivot features to enhance data analysis. Four features of Power Pivot will be reviewed:

    • Data model
    • Calculations
    • Hierarchies
    • KPIs
    Key Topics
    • Data modeling
    • Basic DAX and calculations
    • Calculated columns and measures
    • Data models and pivot tables
    • Hierarchies
    Learning Outcomes
    • Create a data model using Power Pivot
    • Differentiate between calculated columns and measures
    • Use Power Pivot for data analysis

    7. Use Advanced Calculations with DAX Formulas

    This course focuses on using DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) to create advanced calculations in Power Pivot data models. You will learn over 20 DAX functions that will allow you to perform calculations not possible with standard Excel. Use of a date or calendar table will be reviewed.

    Key Topics
    • Power Pivot calculations (column calculations versus measures)
    • Advanced DAX formulas
    • Date/calendar tables
    • DAX calculation process
    Learning Outcomes
    • Create calculations using DAX formulas.
    • Use date/calendar tables to perform complex data analysis.
    • Use the DAX calculation process to validate calculations .

    8. Use PBI Desktop to Create Reports and Dashboards

    This course focuses on familiarizing yourself with the Power BI Desktop interface in order to connect to data sources and create rich visualizations. The course will demonstrate the creation of each of the various visualizations and options related to each.

    Key Topics
    • Power BI Desktop interface
    • Using Power BI Desktop to connect to data sources
    • Available visualizations in Power BI Desktop
    • Building interactivity into visualizations
    Learning Outcomes
    • Identify components of the Power BI Desktop interface.
    • Use Power BI Desktop to connect to data sources.
    • Use Power BI Desktop to create interactive visualizations of your data.

    9. Share Your Data Analysis Using

    This course will focus on using Microsoft's cloud-based sharing/publishing platform, You will be introduced to the interface as well as the benefits of using You will learn how to leverage the work performed in Power Pivot or Power BI Desktop using the cloud.

    Key Topics
    • tour
    • Data sharing
    • Visualization creation
    • Visualization sharing
    Learning Outcomes
    • Identify the components of the interface.
    • Use to connect data models.
    • Use to create interactive visualizations and dashboards.

    Power BI CPE hours and access

    • CPE Credits - 26 hours
    • NASBA Field of Study - Computer Software and Applications
    • Mode of study - Self paced, unlimited views for 12 months


    Bryan Smith
    Bryan serves as a trusted adviser to CPAs in public accounting, as well as business and industry, on all aspects of information technology. Bryan’s expertise includes in-depth knowledge of paperless work flow solutions, the impact of technology on internal controls, strategic IT infrastructure design and information security best practices. As a nationally recognized author and presenter on information technology issues impacting CPAs, Bryan is passionate about the opportunities for CPAs to benefit from safe and secure computing.

      • Course access will be sent via email from AICPA within 1-3 working days
      • Course access is for 12 months from date of activation

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