BPP DIPIFR set of 2 Books - Diploma in IFRS Study text & practice and revision kit combo Dec 24 and June 25 - Eduyush
BPP DIPIFR set of 2 Books - Diploma in IFRS Study text & practice and revision kit combo Dec 24 and June 25 - Eduyush
BPP DIPIFR set of 2 Books - Diploma in IFRS Study text & practice and revision kit combo Dec 23 and June 24 - Eduyush

BPP DIPIFR set of 2 Books - Diploma in IFRS Study text & practice and revision kit combo Dec 24 and June 25

BPP DIPIFR set of 2 Books - Diploma in IFRS Study text & practice and revision kit combo Dec 24 and June 25

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What does it cover?

1) ACCA registration of 89 GBP worth (10500 INR). Eduyush handles your ACCA initial registration

2) BPP books (study text and Exam kit) worth 3300 INR

You save Rs. 3800

How does it work?

Post payment, we collect your documents and get you registered with ACCA.

ACCA takes 7-10 days for approvals, we notify you on your approvals

BPP books are couriered to you

Post succesful registration, you can schedule your exams by paying the ACCA exam fees at your end.

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2) Scope of IFRS

3) Best IFRS certification courses

4) How much time you need to study for the DIPIFR exam

We ship hardcopies within India only. Our Global customers do can opt for our ebooks. BPP Ebooks are instantly emailed on payment.

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Who is it for

Anyone preparing for the DIPIFR exams. We also register students for the DIPIFR exams at a discount. Click here . 

Why is it important

To practice for the Diploma in IFRS exams


BPP - ACCA approved learning partner


For syllabus from Dec 2024 to June 2025

What books does it have

  1. Study Text

  2. Practice and revision kit



Ebook : Read FAQ's

Delivery of this book

Paperback : Delivery within 4-7 days

Ebook : Instant on payment

 Need Registration

We do offer plans with ACCA DIPIFR registration, It works out cheaper. Click here


The ACCA’s Diploma in International Financial Reporting is designed for accountants qualified in accordance with national accounting standards to develop a working knowledge of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

The Study Text provides you with the knowledge, understanding, skills and application techniques required for passing the exam.

  • Specifically written for this subject area
  • Includes focused and comprehensive coverage of the Syllabus and Study Guide
  • Fully updated for technical developments and reflects all exams set to date

The Practice & Revision Kit helps you focus your revision and practice for the exam in a way that makes best use of your time.

  • Advice on revision and exam technique
  • Banks of questions with answers on each area of the syllabus
  • Three mock exams with full answers and guidance


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No, ebooks once purchased cant be returned

IFRS eligibility?

Invest in the Right IFRS course

Take our IFRS eligibility test

FAQ's DIPIFR Study material

BPP publishes the only approved ACCA DIPIFR study material. Students would need to buy the following books for exam preparation
1) Study text (theory approx 550 pages)
2) Revision Kit 50 practice questions with three mocks (approx 270 pages)
3) DIPIFR Passcards - Handy book for concept revision

Becker used to publish ACCA Diploma in IFRS books till 2019. Becker has stopped printing. The only book which is available now is the BPP Diploma in IFRS books

Our recommendation is a big NO. We get so many students who come to us for our IFRS coaching or to buy the books for their second attempt as they went without their tutor notes or CA Final notes for the exams.

The BPP book has been approved by the ACCA Examination team and comes with the following benefits
1) Syllabus is as per ACCA, so you don't miss out on anything critical
2) Using the terminology and keywords from ACCA approved books will help give you extra scores
3) Critical model answers are found in the revision kit. Most students fail this exam not because of concepts but lack of exam technique. Following the model answers will give you confidence going into the exams

ACCA revises its syllabus every December attempt and is valid for two exams. i.e. Dec and June
We recommend that students always use the latest books as the exam pass rates are below 40%.

Missing out on a new amendment or a new syllabus topic can cost you marks, and you may rewrite the exams.

If you have 1 year old edition, we recommend you to buy the study text (ebook or paperback)

If its more than 2 editions old, we recommend you to buy both the study text and revision kit.

You can buy all 3 books on eduyush.com at the following link

Its always cheaper to buy in combo

Customer Reviews

Based on 113 reviews
IMRAN KHAN (Abu Dhabi, AE)

Easy and quick access to online portal. Customer support service is also very good.

Pradeep Madishetty (Dubai, AE)

BPP ACCA DIPIFR Book. India Valid for Exams Dec 24 & Jun 25

K. Ravi Kiran (Hyderabad, IN)
BPP Diploma in IFRS ACCA Book. Study materials. Valid for Exams Dec 24 & Jun 25

One of the Best Institutes for IFRS & Accounting Courses - AICPA & ACCA Thank u Eduyush!

Mukul Goyal (Chandigarh, IN)

I had a awesome experience for dip ifrs with eduyush. The books were delivered within 2 days and the registration process was very smooth. Thank you so much team eduyush for your support.

SC (Bengaluru, IN)

Good book not only for ACCA exam but also for reference purposes for accounting professionals who deal with IFRS on a daily basis. The concepts are presented neatly and with lot of examples that can come handy even in practical world.

Koteswararao Koruprolu (Bengaluru, IN)

BPP ACCA DIPIFR Book. India Valid for Exams Dec 23 & Jun 24

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