AICPA SOC for Cybersecurity Certificate Program - Eduyush
AICPA SOC for Cybersecurity Certificate Program - Eduyush

AICPA SOC for Cybersecurity Certificate Program

AICPA SOC for Cybersecurity Certificate Program

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SOC for Cybersecurity Course

Help your clients navigate the cybersecurity risks they face in a rapidly evolving world with this self-paced CPE certificate program.

A trustworthy advisor can help them understand how to manage those threats and minimize their liability for damages while meeting ever-increasing compliance standards set forth by both regulatory bodies Globally.


As an expert in cybersecurity risk management, you'll be able to provide the best possible attestations for your clients.

This self-study certificate helps explain how to perform SOC and report according to AICPA's new framework--a must-have if they're seeking continual improvement or assurance from their external stakeholders that risks haven't increased since last year!

What skills will you earn

The Cybersecurity Professionals who earn the SOC for Cybersecurity Certificate can apply to perform examinations that test their knowledge of cybersecurity risks and how they manage them. 

These professionals consider the required qualifications and the expertise needed to accept, plan or report on an engagement with AICPA's Risk Management Reporting Framework, including its two criteria: Description. 

  • What does this assessment cover? and 
  • Trust Services Criteria pertains specifically towards assessing risk due diligence during attestations employment.


    The state of cyber-threats and the measures against them

    Cybersecurity is a hot topic today, but it's not just the boards of directors who need assurance - managers and investors also have their doubts.

    The risks of cybersecurity are increasing, which is causing concern among company boards of directors and managers. It's not just public companies that need this assurance anymore - even private firms can be targeted for cyberattacks!

    The result? Your clients demand proof from you as their security leader about how well-prepared your team appears when managing these constant threats against them daily.

    The attestation process allows the client to be confident in their cybersecurity programs. In addition, if they ever need help with these controls or would like an independent opinion on them, there is no better person than someone who has done this type of work before!



      • Finance and audit professionals
      • CFOs and business managers
      • Controllers and internal auditors
      Course Outline
      About  This CPE certificate program covers several cybersecurity topics to help you acquire these skills and gain an understanding of the importance and impact of cybersecurity risks on your organization or client, including an introduction to AICPA's cybersecurity risk management reporting framework. This knowledge is indispensable in today's global, digital landscape ofpersistent and increasing cybercrime, and now more than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic
      Format: Course - Online
      Access: This is a digital product. You will have access to the content for a year after purchase date.
      Duration 14.5 CPE hours
      Certification Complete the course within a year.
      Skills earned Cybersecurity, Data Breach, Digital Transformation, Risk Management

      Learning Outcomes

      • Understand the AICPA's Cybersecurity Risk Management reporting framework and how IT organizations and practitioners may use it to evaluate controls and communicate certain cybersecurity information to interested parties.
      • Analyze the components of an organization's cybersecurity risk management program.
      • Recognize the performance and reporting requirements of a SOC for Cybersecurity examination.

      Topics covered

      • Cyberthreat landscape and the terminology used to describe various aspects of cybersecurity
      • Various SOC services
      • Components of cybersecurity risk management program
      • How to use the description criteria
      • How to use the control criteria to assess an entity's controls over cybersecurity
      • Key considerations prior to accepting a cybersecurity examination engagement and key planning considerations
      • Key steps involved in performing the cybersecurity risk management examination
      • Cybersecurity risk management program overview

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