ACCA Exam entry. Frequently asked questions.

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When you apply for an ACCA exam, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. The exam is not like the ones you take back in school; it's unique and challenging. However, with careful preparation and the proper study materials, you can ace the test and become certified as an accountant.

 Getting your ACCA qualification should be your top priority if you plan to become a certified chartered accountant. 

Here's everything you need to know about the ACCA exam entry, FAQ and more

Frequently asked questions on ACCA exam entry

When do session-based exams take place? 

 Main Qualification: ACCA course Session-based exams are taken during our four exam sessions each year, which occur over five days in March, June, September, and December.

Diploma in IFR: The Diploma in IFR Session exams are held twice a year, in June and December.

Which exams will be offered at each session?

Before registering for your exams, please check the exam timetable or planner to see which variants are available and when. Some exams are only offered during the June and December sessions, while others can be booked anytime from ACCA-licensed on-demand CBE centres.

Can I take the ACCA Qualification exams in any order? 

You must take your ACCA Qualification examinations in modular order, but you can attempt the papers within each module in any order. To be eligible to sit for examinations in the next module, you must also have completed all outstanding examinations in your current module.

 Acca students need to follow specific guidelines to progress successfully through the qualification. By adhering to the rules, they will be able to ensure that they take the most appropriate exams based on their knowledge and understanding. This will help them effectively build on their learning and progress through our exams.

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The modular order for the ACCA Qualification is as follows:

  • Applied Knowledge exams
  • Applied Skills exams
  • Ethics and Professional Skills Module
    • Strategic Professional (Essentials and Options)

    When can the Ethics and professional skills module be taken?

     The Ethics module can be taken only after you have completed the Applied Knowledge exams.

     We recommend that students take the Ethics and Professional Skills module before taking strategic professional exams. This is because behaviours introduced in this module will support them in completing these exams with a higher pass rate. 

    How many ACCA exams can I take during each exam session?

    A maximum of eight exams can be taken in a single calendar year, and a maximum of four exams can be taken in a single exam session. 

    Can I amend or cancel my ACCA exam entry?

    It is possible to amend or cancel your exam entry until the standard entry deadline. Read our blog to view the standard entry deadlines. 

    To amend or cancel your existing booking, you must go to your MyACCA login, click on exam entry and amend or cancel your booking. 

    The exam fees paid to lie in your ACCA wallet and can be used for your next ACCA sitting. 

    How long do I have to complete the ACCA exams?

    • Foundations in Accountancy exams or Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills exams: No time limit
    • Strategic Professional exams: Students have a seven-year time limit to complete their Strategic Professional exams, meaning employers can ensure they possess up-to-date and relevant knowledge.
    • After seven years, any Strategic Professional passes earned after passing all the exams and achieving affiliate status will be lost. You will need to retake them all over again.
    • The Oxford Brookes BSc in Applied Accounting: This must be completed within ten years of receiving your first positive ACCA result, or your eligibility will be revoked.
    • Diploma in IFR: There is a time limit of ten years from the date of initial registration.

    What are the locations of the exams?

    There are more than 400 test centres where you can take the exam. A list of Popular ACCA exam centres can be found on our blog.

    If I miss the deadline for standard exam entry, can I still sit my exams?

    If you are an existing registered student and missed the standard exam entry deadline, you can still utilise the late entry service via myACCA. Late exam fees are around 2 to 3 times the standard exam fees.

    During the late exam entry phase, no exam entries can be altered, regardless of when they were made. 

    Are my exams going to take place at the centre that I requested?

    When registering for your exams, you will be asked to choose a preferred centre. Usually, you will be able to take your exams at this centre. However, on infrequent occasions, when the demand for a particular centre exceeds its capacity, you may be allocated to the nearest alternative centre. You will be informed of this on your exam attendance docket.

    Would it be possible to change my entry into the ACCA exam?

    You can alter existing exam entries until the standard entry closing date via the exam planner, including withdrawing an entry, changing exam centres, variant exams, or taking more exams.

    How does the ACCA exam day go? 

    Your MyACCA login will provide you with an Examination Attendance Docket, which will include a timetable of all the exams you are taking, a desk number for each exam, and the location of the exam centre.

    The exam docket is available for download three weeks before the exam date.

    The supervisor will collect the docket during the exam to verify your presence. Your presence will be recorded on the docket. The docket will be returned to you if you have other exams during the session. 

    The docket will be kept for our records if this is your last session exam. You should familiarise yourself with the exam process and the equipment you are permitted to bring with you into the exam by reading these regulations. 

    These regulations are printed on the back side of the exam docket. 

    You must bring a photographic ID, such as a valid passport, driving licence, or national identity card. The supervisor will cross-check your docket with your photographic ID during the exam to ensure your identity. If the supervisor cannot verify your identity, your exam will not be graded. 

    No Exam docket is required for students taking the remote exams.

    If I arrive late for my exam, what will happen? 

    Even if you are late for the exam by an hour, you will still be permitted to enter the exam hall. However, the supervisor will not allow you to enter the hall if you are more than an hour late.

    Is it possible to leave the exam centre early if I finish early?

    It is vitally important that all students remain at the exam centre for the entire duration of the exam to ensure the exam's integrity. 

    Because ACCA examinations are provided simultaneously throughout five different time zones, the integrity of the exam can only be safeguarded if all students remain at the exam centre for the whole duration of the exam.

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    ACCA Exam dates. Questions? Answers.

    The ACCA exam time in India is typically around 1:30 PM local time for centre based exams. In some cities, exams can also be offered at 9:30 AM

    For remote exams, there are multiple slots during the day at 15 minute intervals.

    There are four exam sessions per year for the ACCA qualification: September, December, March, and June.

    Candidates have the opportunity to sit exams in any of these sessions.

    Students must go to their myACCA login and book the exams directly.

    As all exams are Computer based, students will be redirected to the Pearson exam booking window, where they will need to select their centre or remote times.

    Exam dockets are sent via email and also available for download on your MyACCA login three weeks prior to the exam dates.

    The ACCA exams are typically multiple choice or objective test questions, although some exams may also include written case study questions. The exams are usually held in a computer-based format, although paper-based exams may be available in some locations.

    Yes, you can change the exam session or location after you have registered, but no changes can be done after the exam booking deadline date

    If you miss an exam, you will need to re-register and pay the exam fees again. ACCA marks you as absent.

    You will also need to wait until the next exam session to sit for the exam.

    Yes, you can request a refund if you decide not to take the exam and have cancelled the exam booking prior to the exam deadline.

    The refund will be credited to your ACCA account which you can use for your next exams.

    If you need a refund back to your credit card, you will have to contact ACCA team.

    The syllabus of ACCA does not materially change every year.

    All amendments are done basis the September to June exam cycle.

    As an example, in order to keep up with the latest changes in the accounting industry and business world, the syllabus is reviewed and updated on a regular basis. So although there may not be any major changes each year, there will likely be some minor amendments made.

    It is best to review the latest syllabus on ACCA site prior to starting your studies.