Syllabus for the ACCA DIPIFR Dec 2021 - June 2022 exams

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Syllabus for the ACCA DIPIFR Dec 2021 - June 2022 exams

The syllabus objective: 

The study guide is designed to help with planning study and to provide detailed information on what could be assessed in any examination session. It offers detailed guidance on the depth and level at which the examinable documents will be examined. 

The Exam

The examination is a three-hour fifteen minute paper. ACCA has removed the restriction relating to the 15 minutes reading and planning time, so that while the time considered necessary to complete this exam remains at 3 hours, candidates may use the additional 15 minutes as they choose. ACCA encourages students to take time to read questions carefully and to plan answers but once the exam time has started, there are no additional restrictions as to when candidates may start.

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All questions will attract 25 marks.

  • Question one will involve the preparation of one or more of the consolidated financial statements.
  • Question two will often be related to a scenario in which questions arise regarding the appropriate accounting treatment and/or disclosure of a range of issues
  • Question three will usually focus more specifically on the requirements of one specific IFRS.
  • Question four will usually consist of a scenario in which the candidate is given a series of queries from a superior relating to the financial statements.

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Changes as compared to the June 2021 syllabus

All amendments or standard which have been issued from Sep 1, 2019 to August 31, 2020 now get covered in the new syllabus.  The standard may be examinable even if the effective date is in the future.
There are quite a few changes to the syllabus. The changes are 

  • Fundamental ethical and professional principles - This learning outcome has been added to require candidates to consider professional and ethical issues relevant to the DipIFR qualification. It will be based on the IFAC Handbook of the International Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants (2018). Part 1 (sections 100,110-115 and 120)
  • Employee benefits - Has been expanded and clarified to include the significant areas of IAS 19
  •  Employability and technology skills section - To reflect the outcomes and demonstrable skills required for the DipIFR examination, using the available technology.

Topics covered

The Syllabus covers all the standards except the following
  • Complex group structures, including sub- subsidiaries or mixed groups and foreign subsidiaries
  • Step acquisitions, partial disposal of subsidiaries and group re-constructions
  • Financial statements of banks and similar financial institutions
  • Preparation of statements of cash flow (single company and consolidated)
  • Preparation of interim financial statements
  • Accounting for insurance entities
  • International financial reporting exposure drafts and discussion papers
  • The international public sector perspective
  • Multi-employer benefit schemes
  • Information reflecting the effects of changing prices and financial reporting in hyperinflationary economies
The detailed new syllabus for the DIPIFR exam can be downloaded here, and the same has been updated in the Google classroom