Eduyush ACCA Diploma in IFRS classes timetable

Dec 2024 Calendar for Classes (IFRS Training Course)

Saturday class is at 5 PM IST, and Sunday at 9:30 AM IST. Some lectures are repeated on Sunday

Recording for all lectures are available. Students who join late can get the recordings of prior lectures.

Class lectures are between 3 to 4 hours depending on the topic

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Standard Topic name Date Lecture repeats on Sunday

Important concepts under IFRS: Application of present value in IFRS, Effective interest, Formats of FS under IFRS, Other Comprehensive Income, Reclassification adjustment
Aug 10 No
Regulatory Framework IFRS Concept class : Conceptual framework, Regulatory framework, Ethics Aug 17 No
IFRS 13 , IAS 21 Fair value measurement, foreign exchange measurement Aug 24 No
IAS 24 & IFRS 8 Related party and operating segments Aug 25 No
IAS 16 and IAS 23 Property Plant and equipment, Borrowing costs Aug 31 Yes
IAS 38, IAS 36, IFRS 5 Intanglbes, impairment, IFRS for mining Sep 7 Yes
IAS 37 Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets Sep 14 Yes
IAS 19 Employee Benefits Sep 21 Yes
IAS 12 Income Taxes Sep 28 Yes
IFRS 2 Share-based Payment Oct 5 Yes
IFRS 15 Revenue from Contracts with Customers Oct 12 Yes
IFRS 16 Leases Oct 19 Yes
IFRS 9, IAS 32, IFRS 7 Financial Instruments Oct 26 Individual sessions
IFRS 9, IAS 41 Financial Instruments (continuation) and agriculture Oct 27 Individual sessions
Consolidation Consolidated Financial Statements Part 1 Nov 2 Individual sessions
Consolidation CSOFP and CSOPL past exam questions, Disposal of subsidiary Nov 3 Individual sessions
Consolidation Inv in asso+CSOCIE, CBE practice, last min studies, SME, IFRS 6, IAS 10, loans under various scenarios Nov 9 Individual sessions
IAS 33 Earnings per share Nov 10 Individual sessions
Practice Qs Revision - 1 Nov 16
Practice qs Revision - 2 Nov 17
Exam technique Exam technique how to score the remaining 50% Nov 17 Individual sessions
Practice questions Revision - 3 Nov 23 Individual sessions
Practice questions Revision - 4 Nov 24 Individual sessions
Practice questions Revision - 5 Nov 30 Individual sessions
Practice questions Revision - 6 Dec 1 Individual sessions
Jun 2 only



  • Classes are for 3-4 hours via Zoom. 
  • Students can attend any of the lectures at their convenience. 
  • Recordings of the lectures will be made available within 2 days of the lecture. 

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