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ACCA BPP Applied Skills ACCA book 2024-2025 - Eduyush
Buy BPP Applied Skills ACCA books Essential bundle of Workbook & revision kit . - Eduyush
Buy BPP Applied Skills ACCA books Essential bundle of Workbook & revision kit . Sep 23 to Jun 24 - Eduyush
Buy BPP Applied Skills ACCA books 24-25. Bundle of Coursebook & exam kit . - Eduyush
Buy BPP Applied Skills ACCA books 24-25. Bundle of Coursebook & exam kit . - Eduyush
Buy BPP Applied Skills ACCA books 24-25. Bundle of Coursebook & exam kit . - Eduyush
Buy BPP Applied Skills ACCA books 24-25. Bundle of Coursebook & exam kit . - Eduyush
Buy BPP Applied Skills ACCA books 24-25. Bundle of Coursebook & exam kit . - Eduyush
Buy BPP Applied Skills ACCA books 24-25. Bundle of Coursebook & exam kit . - Eduyush
Buy BPP Applied Skills ACCA books 24-25. Bundle of Coursebook & exam kit . - Eduyush

Buy BPP Applied Skills ACCA books 24-25. Bundle of Coursebook & exam kit .

Buy BPP Applied Skills ACCA books 24-25. Bundle of Coursebook & exam kit .

  • This is an ebook. Save upto 40% compared to print books
  • Read anywhere, read anytime on multiple devices. Annotate, highlight and search seamlessly
  • Instantly access your ebook on payment.
  • Engage directly with content in the BPP interactive eBooks—complete activities and receive instant feedback
  • Stay up-to-date with the 24/25 editions, designed to reflect the latest ACCA exam formats and standards.
  • Buy more than 2 ebooks get 5% off. Discount auto-applied at checkout.
  • Secure payments. Whatsapp +919643308079 for any product query
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*Allows students to complete CBE questions within the ePub in a format that replicates the ACCA software
- Auto marks singular OTQs and batches of OTQs
- Includes embedded videos
- Launchable weblinks
- Easy click navigation around the kit without the need to flip from questions to the answers

Watch a video : explaining how to use the ebook

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Yes, VitalSource offers a lot of features on its reading platforms. 

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BPP Applied Skills ACCA books 24-25 edition



Who is it for

Anyone preparing for the Applied Skills exams.

Why is it important

The primary reason students fail the skill papers is the lack of practice of questions and the way they write the answers. This book will help you


ACCA BPP Books - ACCA-approved learning partner


For ACCA Exams from Sep 2024 to June 2025 except Tax FA 23 which is valid from Jun 24 till Mar 2025

What books does it have

  1. Course book

  2. Exam practice kit
    Applied Skills ACCA books


Except for Law books, we email you the Book codes instantly on payment. 

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FAQ's of accessing this book


Read the process and features here


What do you get

You get access to the latest edition Sep 2024 to June 2025 of the following books except Tax which is from Jun 24 to March 25

  • BPP Coursebook

  • BPP exam kit

The  Coursebook provides you with the knowledge, understanding, skills, and application techniques required for the Strategic papers..

In addition to ACCA examining team reviewed material, you receive:

  • Comprehensively reviewed by the ACCA examining team

  • Guarantees appropriate breadth and depth of content

  • Packed with exercises, activities, and illustrations

  • Skills Checkpoints designed to get you exam-ready

    The Practice & Revision Kit is an essential revision tool for the applied skill papers.

    The ACCA Approved Practice & Revision Kit offers:

    • Banks of questions on every syllabus area

    • Answers with detailed guidance on approaching questions

    • Two mock exams with full answers and guidance

    Suitable for exams from September 2024 until June 2025


    ACCA’s ebooks offer many benefits over and above a printed version. Some of these will be obvious to anyone who already uses ebooks: 

    Storage – as you progress through your studies, you will build up a valuable library of books that no longer have to take up extensive lengths of physical shelf space!  

    Portability – you can access content anywhere via your PC, tablet or smartphone without carrying a set of heavy textbooks around. 

    Environmental impact: Electronic books are less damaging to the environment by disposing of the need for paper and physical distribution.

    Price : You save upto 40% on costs as compared to print books

    Enhance your study methodology with the following benefits of the ACCA ebooks

    1) As you read your books, you will almost certainly want to annotate what you are reading. 

    2) Your book allows you to highlight and comment using a spectrum of coloured pens, highlighters and comment boxes. As your progress in your learning, you can update your annotations without leaving behind a mass of obsolete scribblings! Because your ebook can summarise all your annotations in a single list, you can use this functionality to make your studying more efficient. For example, You can use the highlight function to flag critical facts/formulae/theorists you need to commit to memory. You could even use different colours to prioritise them – for example, red for formulae you need to learn and yellow for ones you already know. By selecting the Highlights option within My Data, you can see all your highlights in a single list and visit any one of them with a single click. You can also add a written note (e.g. a mnemonic) by clicking on what you’ve highlighted and selecting the Add a Note option. Closer to your exam, you can quickly prioritise the red highlights until they’re all yellow! 

    3) As well as highlighting, you can also flag information in several other ways by using the bookmark function, which is the equivalent of adding an annotated sticky tab to your printed book, making it easy to return there at any point. 

    4) Helps you search quicker : Any term in your book can be found using the search function, allowing you to target any specific detail. For example, imagine you have just completed a practice question and want to review a technical point you struggled with. The search function will give you a list of each instance of a specific IFRS, concept or theorist without working through a manual index or flick through what you think might be a relevant chapter. Then, once you’ve revised the technical explanation, the search function will flag another relevant question on the same subject to reinforce your understanding.

    Yes absolutely, you can use the ebooks on any device and any browser. 

    ACCA ebooks also come with their apps. BPP uses Vitalsource while KAPLAN uses KORTEXT

    We are here to help. 99% of codes do work, but in the eventuality, it doesn't just write to our team at, and we will sort it out for you within 1-2 working days. We will get it sorted with either BPP or KAPLAN on your behalf.

    We offer you ebooks at a 40 to 60% discount over the publisher's prices. Once we have emailed you the codes, we can't refund the book or take back a book.

    In some circumstances for BPP (except DIPIFR), we can amend the order to printed books (India only). Do reach our teams for the options you may have

    If you are a tuition provider, college or need more than 10 ebooks in bulk. Pls contact us at or WhatsApp +919643308079 to know more about our pricing

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    Buy BPP ACCA Strategic Professional books. 24-25. Bundle of course book and exam kit

    ACCA BPP Applied Skills ACCA book 2024-2025