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Students outside India: You can avail of our India-specific pricing for ebooks. We don't ship paperback at the moment.

Students in India: Apart from ebooks, we ship paperback books pan India in over 19K pin codes with delivery times ranging between 4-7 days. All our shipping is free.

Delivery timelines for ebooks:

BPP Ebooks - Most books are instantly emailed on payment

KAPLAN ebooks - Ebook codes are emailed within 2-4 working days

BPP and KAPLAN both offer comprehensive ACCA study materials, but they have some distinctions. BPP books are known for their detailed explanations and coverage, making them ideal for those who prefer an in-depth understanding of concepts. KAPLAN books, on the other hand, are often praised for their clear layout and approachability, making them suitable for students who prefer straightforward explanations and practical examples.

The 2 approved ACCA partners have different names for their books, but essentially are the same

BPP Learning Media: 1. Workbook 2. Practice and Revision kit

KAPLAN Publishing: 1. Study text 2. Exam kit

Yes, both BPP and KAPLAN update their books regularly to align with the ACCA syllabus changes and exam cycles. It's crucial to check the edition of the book to ensure it's for the correct exam period​

It's advisable to replace your ACCA study books with each syllabus update or when you decide to sit for the exams after a significant interval, to ensure you are studying the most current material and guidelines​

BPP Learning Media's ACCA DipIFR is the only book approved by the ACCA examination team.

You can check out the complete combo pack here.

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While second-hand ACCA books can be a cost-effective option, ensure they are the latest edition to match the current syllabus. Using outdated materials could leave gaps in your knowledge and preparation. ships ACCA paperback books across India to over 19,000 pin codes, offering free shipping. Delivery times vary based on location, generally between 2-5 days for major cities like Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Hyderabad, and 3-7 days for other locations