How to cancel your ACCA exam. Process

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Cancelling Your ACCA Exam

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) provides a structured and user-friendly method for students to manage their exam bookings, including cancellations. Whether due to unforeseen personal commitments, inadequate preparation, or other reasons, you may need to cancel an upcoming ACCA exam. Here's how you can navigate this process: 

How to cancel ACCA Exams

Understanding the Implications:

  • Financial: ACCA generally does not refund the exam fee after the standard entry deadline. This is because the exams' infrastructure, venues, and resources are already booked and allocated based on the number of registered candidates.
  • Rescheduling: Post-deadline cancellations typically mean you have to re-book (and re-pay) for the exam in the next available session rather than merely rescheduling it.
  • New syllabus : If the next available exam falls on the new ACCA syllabus, you may need to buy the latest edition of ACCA books.

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Process of ACCA exam cancellation before standard exam entry deadline

1. Log In to Your myACCA Account:

  • Access the ACCA website and log into your myACCA account using your credentials.

2. Navigate to 'Exam Entry':

  • Once logged in, go to your account's 'Exam Entry' section. This is where you initially booked your exams and can view all your upcoming scheduled exams.

3. Select the Relevant Exam:

  • Locate and select the exam you wish to cancel from the list of your booked exams.

4. Choose the 'Cancel' Option:

  • Once you've selected the desired exam, there should be an option to cancel or withdraw from the exam. Click on it.

5. Confirm the Cancellation:

  • You will likely be prompted to confirm your decision. This is because exam cancellations may have implications, such as forfeiting your exam fee or part of it, depending on ACCA's refund policy and the time left before the exam. Ensure you understand these implications before confirming.

6. Understand the Refund Policy:

  • ACCA generally provides a refund for cancellations made within the standard entry deadline. The refund lies in your Myacca, which you can use for the next exam attempt, or you can email ACCA asking for a refund to your bank. However, for cancellations after this deadline, there might be no refund. 

7. Await Confirmation:

  • After confirming the cancellation, you should receive an email confirmation from ACCA. If you are still waiting to receive this within 24 hours, contacting ACCA's customer support is recommended to ensure your cancellation has been processed.

8. Plan Ahead:

  • If you plan to reschedule the exam for another date, remember to book well to ensure you secure your desired exam date and venue.

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Process of ACCA exam cancellation after standard exam entry deadline

In exceptional situations, such as a medical emergency, ACCA might review post-deadline cancellations on a case-by-case basis.

If you believe you have genuine grounds for a refund or special consideration, it's essential to provide appropriate evidence (like a doctor's note) and contact ACCA directly via email at Do remember to put your ACCA ID in the subject line.

Some of these circumstances can be used as grounds to request an exception from standard ACCA policies, such as post-deadline cancellations. 

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1. Medical Emergencies:

  • Illness: If a student falls seriously ill close to or on the exam date. This could be anything from a severe bout of flu to more grave conditions.
  • Accidents: In cases where a student has been involved in an accident and has injuries that prevent them from taking the exam.
  • Mental Health Issues: Emergent mental health crises, like severe episodes of depression, anxiety, or other disorders, make it impossible for the student to sit for the exam.
  • Evidence Required: Medical certificates or letters from doctors/medical professionals detailing the condition and its severity.

2. Bereavement:

  • This refers to the sudden death of a close family member or loved one shortly before the exam, which can severely impact the student's emotional well-being and ability to focus.
  • Evidence Required: Death certificate or other relevant documentation, along with an explanation of the relationship to the deceased.

3. Natural Disasters:

  • Events such as floods, earthquakes, or severe storms can disrupt travel or pose immediate dangers to the student.
  • Evidence Required: News reports, official notices, or other credible sources that confirm the occurrence and impact of the natural disaster.

4. Victim of a Crime:

  • If a student has been a victim of a serious crime, like theft, assault, or other traumatic events, shortly before the exam.
  • Evidence Required: Police reports or official documentation detailing the incident.

5. Serious Personal or Family Issues:

  • This can encompass a range of situations, such as a family emergency, being a victim of domestic violence, or having to deal with sudden homelessness.
  • Evidence Required: It may be more challenging to provide evidence for some personal issues, but letters from counsellors, social workers, or other relevant professionals can be submitted.

Remember, while ACCA does consider exceptional circumstances, each case is reviewed individually, and exceptions are not guaranteed. It's always best to refer to the official ACCA guidelines or contact their support for specific details.

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Summing up

Cancelling an ACCA exam is a straightforward process, but it's vital to be informed about the potential financial implications and to act within the stipulated timelines. Always ensure you have a clear plan if you decide to resit the exam later and use the additional time wisely to prepare.

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    Hi ACCA, I’ve accidentally made a double payment for my FM June 24 exam paper. How can i get a refund on the double payment?

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ACCA Exam dates. Questions? Answers.

The ACCA exam time in India is typically around 1:30 PM local time for centre based exams. In some cities, exams can also be offered at 9:30 AM

For remote exams, there are multiple slots during the day at 15 minute intervals.

There are four exam sessions per year for the ACCA qualification: September, December, March, and June.

Candidates have the opportunity to sit exams in any of these sessions.

Students must go to their myACCA login and book the exams directly.

As all exams are Computer based, students will be redirected to the Pearson exam booking window, where they will need to select their centre or remote times.

Exam dockets are sent via email and also available for download on your MyACCA login three weeks prior to the exam dates.

The ACCA exams are typically multiple choice or objective test questions, although some exams may also include written case study questions. The exams are usually held in a computer-based format, although paper-based exams may be available in some locations.

Yes, you can change the exam session or location after you have registered, but no changes can be done after the exam booking deadline date

If you miss an exam, you will need to re-register and pay the exam fees again. ACCA marks you as absent.

You will also need to wait until the next exam session to sit for the exam.

Yes, you can request a refund if you decide not to take the exam and have cancelled the exam booking prior to the exam deadline.

The refund will be credited to your ACCA account which you can use for your next exams.

If you need a refund back to your credit card, you will have to contact ACCA team.

The syllabus of ACCA does not materially change every year.

All amendments are done basis the September to June exam cycle.

As an example, in order to keep up with the latest changes in the accounting industry and business world, the syllabus is reviewed and updated on a regular basis. So although there may not be any major changes each year, there will likely be some minor amendments made.

It is best to review the latest syllabus on ACCA site prior to starting your studies.