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AICPA and CIMA. Controller II program course

AICPA and CIMA. Controller II program course

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AICPA (the Association) represents AICPA® & CIMA®.

The Association has over 696,000 members in 192 countries. AICPA is the worldwide leader on public and management accounting issues through support for the CPA license, specialized credentials, professional education & thought leadership.

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Controller II program . Level up your financial game

Embark on the Controller II program and delve into the intricacies of financial statement accounting. Master the art of deciphering complex financial data, employing cutting-edge strategies to enhance expertise and gain a competitive edge in the numbers game.

Controller II Program: Unlock the Tools for Financial Mastery and Digital Leadership

Elevate your finance game and become a trailblazer in leading digital transformation with the AICPA Controller II program. This is your ticket to not just managing finances, but revolutionizing them.

You're about to supercharge your prowess in analyzing and interpreting financial statements, propelling business performance to new heights, and steering the digital shift with an enriched comprehension of:

  • The art of crafting and deciphering performance reports
  • The playbook of industry best practices
  • The strategic landscape of financial management

Equipped with avant-garde strategies and the latest techniques, you'll stand out from the crowd, redefining excellence in financial management.

Embark on a journey to financial leadership and digital innovation with the AICPA all-encompassing Controller II program course. Your path to financial domination begins here.

    Curriculum Highlights of the program

    • Preparing consolidated statements
    • Accounting for foreign currency transactions
    • Financial statement analysis
    • Producing consolidated financial statements
    • Indirect holdings impact
    • Operating and cash cycle evaluation
    • Performance reports
    • Behavioral strategies
    • Beyond budgeting approach
    • Benchmarking tools
    • Transfer pricing
    • Digital transformation

    Learning Outcomes of the Controller II program

    • Recognize how to prepare a consolidated statement of changes in equity (CSOEC).
    • Recognize how to prepare a consolidated statement of cash flows.
    • Assess the accounting for transactions in a foreign currency and the translation of foreign operations included in group financial statements.
    • Interpret the results of financial statement analysis to draw appropriate conclusions.
    • Analyze the potential limitations of financial statement analysis.
    • Calculate a consolidated statement of profit and loss and other comprehensive income, CSPLOCI with relevant accounting adjustments.
    • Use benchmarking to add an external, or historical, dimension to the financial analysis.
    • Assess the behavioral consequences of internal trading and transfer pricing decisions.
    • Identify a vision and strategy for digital transformation.
    • Identify why digital transformation is occurring.

    Who should take the Controller II?

    • Client Advisory service professionals
    • Controllers or finance professionals in financial reporting
    • Students completed their IFRS program

    Controller II Program Details:

    • What's on Offer: An electrifying online journey worth 17 CPE credits that'll catapult your understanding of Business Management and Organization to stellar heights.

      Complexity Level: We're talking Intermediate here. Not for the faint-hearted but perfectly tuned for those ready to level up.

      Before You Leap: Got the Controller 1 Bundle under your belt or if you are a CA /CPA  or familiar with Financial reporting Great! That's your golden ticket to this ride.

      Access?: Online, Plug in from anywhere, anytime.

      The Deal with Access: This isn't just any digital product. Secure full paid access, and we're throwing open the digital vaults for you for an entire year post-purchase. Get ready to binge on knowledge like it's going out of style.

    Enroll today and start your journey into the intriguing world of forensic accounting, gaining the foundational knowledge and skills to excel in this critical field.

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