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Internal Control Certificate Program

Internal Control Certificate Program

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A training program, specially designed to help finance and accounting professionals build the knowledge needed for the creation and review of COSO’s 2013 Internal Control — Integrated Framework. The framework helps companies gain operational efficiencies, deter fraud, make better business decisions and positively influence better risk management practices.

COSO stands for (Committee of Sponsorship Organizations). This committee was formed by the following five major professional organizations:
1. American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)
2. Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA)
3. Institute of Management Accountants (IMA)
4. Financial Executives Institute (FEI)
5. American Accounting Association (AAA)

The committee (COSO) developed a framework for internal control designed to improve organizations' governance, risk management, performance and fraud deterrence.

COSO Framework is recognized as a leading framework and one of the most commonly used frameworks. COSO Framework is considered the best internal control guidance standard.

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 Internal Control Certificate Program

The Internal Control Certificate offers you a unique opportunity to develop your expertise in designing, implementing and monitoring a system of internal control in today's rapidly changing business models. Nine self-paced modules provide the knowledge necessary to understand and apply COSO's Internal Control-Integrated Framework (IC framework).


Develop confidence in the internal control systems.

The , Internal Control Certificate, will develop your expertise in designing, implementing, and monitoring an internal control system. The course materials provide a comprehensive overview of the guidance on internal control, emphasising how to apply these concepts to rapidly changing business models in your organisation.

You will learn best practices for implementing controls into your business model that are practical and relevant. Apply COSO Certification concepts to several real-world scenarios in this course to learn how to add value to your organization through improved operations, reporting and compliance.

Enhance your knowledge of the IC framework

This program will provide a brief overview of COSO's Risk Assessment and Internal Control Frameworks, then delve deeper into the details of how to assess internal control by principle. The variety of situations provided will help you apply the framework and ignite thought into how they might relate to your organization. In the final module, you will see how it all comes together by assessing an organisation's internal control system in a case study.

Once you’ve completed the nine self-paced, online learning modules and the online exam, you’ll be able to apply your newly acquired knowledge to achieve the following:

  • Implementing an effecitve streamlined processes and better management of compliance costs
  • Judgement to monitor an enhanced quality of risk assessment
  • Strengthened fraud deterring efforts
  • Improved alignment with outsourced service providers
  • Heightened awareness of the technological considerations as relates to internal control

Earn CPE credit and celebrate your achievement

The COSO Internal Control Certificate program, is an online, self-study learning program. Access the materials anytime, anywhere and complete the course at your own pace. The twelve-month timeframe is flexible, allowing you to fit your studies around your schedule while keeping up with industry best practices.

Individual program: Complete self-paced online learning when it’s convenient for you

Online Exam: Complete the exam at your convenience within 90 days of finishing the learning program

Digital Badge: Receive a digital badge to share with your professional network


Participants should have at least 2-6 years of experience working with an internal control system. Basic level of exposure to COSO’s 2013 Internal Control-Integrated Framework

Professional Development

Duration: 16 hours (17 CP credits)
Format: Course - Online (Voiceover Powerpoint, Audio)
Access: This is a digital product. You will have access to the content for a year after purchase date.

Learning Outcomes

  • Assess a system of internal control.
  • Apply key points related to the principles-based approach.
  • Recognize ways to identify, assess and respond to risks in your organization.
  • Identify areas for improvement based on the results of assessing internal control.

Topics covered

  Modules covered

  • Categories of objectives achieved by effective system of internal control
  • Components of internal control
  • Principles and points of focus
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Limitations of internal control

Pre requisite knowledge prior to starting the program

Basic level of exposure to COSO’s 2013 Internal Control Integrated Framework.

    Questions? Answers.

    COSO course FAQ's

    The COSO Certificate program allows learners to design, develop and evaluate their expertise in designing and implementing internal control systems and assessing the system's effectiveness.

    Before sitting for the COSO exam, the student should complete the nine modules covering five components and 17 principles of the Framework illustrated by more than 75 points of focus (guidance).

    Students are provided with three exam attempts. There is currently no way to purchase exam retakes for the COSO IC certificate exam. If they do not pass by their third attempt, they would need to repurchase the program, complete the learning again, and then resit the exam.

    Students will have access to the exam within the same platform, and whenever they choose to take it within 90 days upon completion of the self-learning program, there is no need to register separately.

    All individuals pursuing the COSO Internal Control Certificate of Education should possess a base knowledge of internal controls.

    Yes. The courses that comprise the COSO Internal Control Certificate Program curriculum are available for CPAs, CAs, and other finance and accounting professionals who do not have one of these credentials or their equivalent.

    Actual completion of the courses is required to earn the COSO Internal Control Certificate. CPE credit is being awarded for the courses, and the CPE standards do not allow for "testing out of" a course as a way to earn credit.

    No. The COSO Internal Control Certificate is not a professional credential or license. It is evidence of successful completion of a required course curriculum as of a point in time. As a result, it has no period for which it is deemed "active" or in-force.

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