AICPA Certification : Application of Data Analysis Essentials Certificate - Eduyush
AICPA Certification : Application of Data Analysis Essentials Certificate - Eduyush
AICPA Certification : Application of Data Analysis Essentials Certificate - Eduyush

AICPA Certification : Application of Data Analysis Essentials Certificate

AICPA Certification : Application of Data Analysis Essentials Certificate

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  • Learn Data analytics meant for the finance function. Get certified by the worlds largest & most influential accounting body AICPA
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There's an MCQ assessment at the end of each online module. You need to score 70% on the evaluation to clear the module. Once you complete all the modules, your certification is granted.

You can retake the assessments as many times as you want

Theres huge demand for data analytics globally. Jobs listed on the AICPA site for finance professional averages between 3K to 5K globally.

Data analytics jobs in India for finance average 1K to 2K.

The link to apply for Data analytics jobs on the AICPA site is here

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Application of Data Analysis Essentials Certificate

This Application of Data Analysis Essentials Certificate program prepares you to gain hands-on experience and real-life practical uses when applying your data analytics expertise. Learn core concepts in data analytics, including identifying the different variables that make up a particular data set and calculating fundamental aspects of data sets using core statistical techniques. After completing this certificate, learners can work with leaders in their organization to discover relationships that yield insights needed for effective decision-making.

An essential guide for accounting and finance professionals. Learn core concepts in data analytics and how to conduct and apply data analytics to projects in your organization.


This certificate is Part 2 of the Data Analyst Certificates Bundle - a comprehensive five-part program that provides training and practical guidance on the topic of data analytics.

Data Analysis Essentials is designed to give you an essential foundation, including the anatomy of data as a medium and statistical analysis techniques for beginning to glean useful information from data.

First, you will learn the different types of variables that make up a data set and perform meaningful calculations on data to discover and explore relationships that yield insights: central tendency, variability, probability, and distribution. Then we will delve into recognizing these qualities in their different forms and how to utilize them in practical business situations.

This program offers straightforward exercises to help you practice and immediately apply what you've learned. You will also get exposure to and practice with valuable concepts such as quartiles, variances and standard deviation.

Finally, you will be introduced to one of the most powerful tools available for analyzing data: the open-source "R" platform. You will be guided through an actual use case for analyzing data using R and complete your learning by seeing how the statistical concepts you've just learned can be applied in a real-world example. By completing this certificate, you will have a solid grasp of core statistical techniques underpinning an analytics practice and practice using them in a simulated lab environment with step-by-step guidance.

Note: It is recommended that you complete Data Analytics Core Concepts, or ensure you have equivalent knowledge and skills, before starting this certificate course.

Learning Labs: Applying the Data Analysis Essentials Certificate is a comprehensive, simulated learning program that will expose you to the tools needed to implement an analytics practise practically and equip you to deploy those tools as needed within your organization. You'll use various technologies for preparing, analyzing and managing datasets in the real world. . *Time spent on learning labs does not award CPE and completing learning labs is not a requirement for earning the certificate.



Accounting and finance professionals, especially those interested in learning and applying data analysis techniques to help their organizations make informed, data-driven business decisions.

Other information
CPE Credits
Format: Course - Online
Access: This is a digital product. You will have access to the content for a year after purchase date.

Learning Outcomes

  • Determine and classify variables.
  • Calculate meaningful statistics, including central tendency, measurement and variability, basic probability, conditional probability, advanced probabilities, discrete distributions, and continuous distributions.
  • Analyze statistics and distributions in R case study.
  • Analyze fraud-detection case study.

Key Topics covered

  • The nature and types of different variables in data sets and how to use them
  • Fundamental statistical concepts for working with data
  • Characteristics of data that can be used for conducting analysis
  • Basic calculations for analyzing and discovering useful insights from data sets
  • How to understand and calculate probability from a data set
  • Different types of distribution and how they can be used
  • Guided exposure to the open-source R platform and its analytics capabilities
  • A practical case study exploring how statistical analysis can be used in a common fraud-detection scenario
  • Examples and practice exercises throughout the program to reinforce what you learn 


    Data analytics certification

    The certificate program is designed for accounting and finance professionals of any size organization, from any industry interested in learning and applying data analysis techniques to help their organization make informed, data-driven business decisions. The participants are presented with a comprehensive model for understanding the life cycle of organizational data and are given a guided tour of the many tools available for integrating and analyzing data throughout its life cycle.

    There is no prerequisite for the Data Analyst Certificate Program. You may opt to take any of the individual data analytics certificates that make up the Data Analyst Certificate Program. You will need prior knowledge in the subject area, or it is recommended that you complete the previous certificate in the series.

    The program is a self-paced online format. There are assessments at the end of each module. Upon completion, you will be awarded a digital badge.

    The courses in the USGAAP Certificate program will be classified as Accounting for purposes of granting CPE credits. As with other AICPA courses that are approved for other certifications, we fully expect the USGAAP Certificate courses will satisfy those requirements. To be certain, please check with the organization that issues your CMA, CIA or other certifications.

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