ACCA to move to home based or remote proctoring exams from Sep 2020

May 7, 2020by Eduyush Team

Online learning is here and thriving, with more and students now opting to take online learning sessions than the classroom-based training sessions. And now, with this behavior change which is happening, ACCA intends to start remote proctoring of exams for its CBE (computed based exams) as well as the paper-based exams.

Message from ACCA

Alan Hatfield, ACCA Executive director in a post on ACCA's website said that " We’re delighted to announce that we’re introducing new flexibility for ACCA students which will enable them to take their exams at home or in another location in circumstances where center-based exam sittings are disrupted.

The introduction of a robust and secure way of using the latest technology to enable the ‘remote invigilation’ of ACCA Qualification exams will give our students reassurance that they can continue their exam journey in the face of Covid-19 disruption."

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What exams are to move to remote proctoring

ACCA at the moment will be moving all the exams in the ACCA qualification stream to remote proctoring.  DipIFR exams which have been paper-based will now be moving to the CBE format from Dec 2020 onwards. At the moment it's not certain if DipIFR exams will be remote proctored, but given the COVID-19 situation, it looks more probable.

What is online remote proctoring

The definition of proctoring is “to invigilate; to watch people take an exam and check they don’t cheat”. For centuries Universities have managed high stake exams by putting hundreds of students in a room. With stern-looking people walking up and down, checking that you have nothing up your sleeves or on your watch to ensure the validity of the end results cannot be challenged. Invigilation is there to create a fair playing field for all and to ensure parents, employers, and the students themselves can trust the end results.

What do we expect in online remote proctoring

As CIMA moved to online proctoring for all of their 17 exams in May 2020, we believe that ACCA will use the same technology which is being used by CIMA, the Pearson onVUE online proctoring platform. 

There are a few simple requirements for candidates to sit an OnVUE online proctored exam:

  • Quiet, private location
  • A reliable device with a webcam
  • Strong internet connection

Click here to watch their online youtube video of the product

Is there anywhere we can practice for the CBE exams

BPP has recently launched its enhanced virtual classrooms, which students can now avail on The BPP classroom gives you a CBE based test environment where you can practice the exams. Right now the classrooms can be taken for the ACCA papers. DipIFR is yet to be launched on its platform. Students who want to get a taste of the CBE environment can try out the enhanced classroom.

What to expect in taking an online proctoring exam

Once you are logged into your exam, you will be required to do the following
  • You’ll take photos of your government-issued ID and your testing environment, as well as a headshot
  • Your photos will be reviewed and your exam will be queued up. Most candidates will start their exam within 15 minutes of their appointment time.
    • If your pictures don’t pass review, you’ll be joined by a greeter as soon as possible to help you troubleshoot.
  • You’ll be monitored by a online-certified proctor via webcam and microphone throughout your test to ensure the integrity and security of your exam experience.

A list of FAQ's around the online proctoring has been published by ACCA, which can be accessed here

A sample DIPIFR specimen on CBE can be accessed here

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