ACCA CertDIF Reviews (Certification in Digital Innovation for finance)

Jun 23, 2020by Eduyush Team

The world is changing around us even faster than we all could predict. Virus is changing key paradigms of societies, economies, and businesses. We all have to adjust to a new reality in which digital skills play an even more important role. ACCA has developed a new stand-alone course to support those who have to understand, deal with, and embrace new technologies in their day to day professional life. Course is dedicated to all those who don’t want to wake up in a couple of weeks seeing their companies being swept aside and those ready to develop knowledge, preparing for what is coming upon us with. 

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This Certification was launched in April 2020 and to check if it worth it,  we simply looked for reviews left on Linkedin by users who have completed this certification. Here are some of the reviews left.

Giving it a read up, it looks like it a great certification to have and must-have in the Skillset library of every Finance professional before they

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Dr. Dinusha Weerawardane (PhD, ACCA, SFHEA,CMgr MCMI,Cert DIF) - London

"It was extremely useful. Covers a lot of ground in terms of all the digital transformation aspects we should be familiar with. Highly recommended!"

Read her post on her profile here

Taha S. Ali FCCA | Specialist advisor focused on finance function transformation & automation

"I would highly recommend this to finance professionals who are seeking to understand the rapidly developing and changing digital finance landscape.

Covid-19 has put the broader digital journey of many organizations on the fast-track. Digital upskilling such as this certification provides a unique opportunity for CFOs to understand their organization’s digital transformation agenda and be a relevant co-driver of this business transformation journey bringing sustainable value back to the business."

Read his post which he shared on his profile here

George A Georgiou TLS Tech Manager @ PwC Cy

"The here and now, emerging tech and future disruption. Full of technology insights for finance professionals and a guide to the digital transformation of finance teams. #futureready #digitaltranformation #acca."

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Nicholas Chen, ACCA Member

"I have completed the Certificate in Digital Innovation for Finance (CertDIF) in view of my annual continuing professional development (CPD) for ACCA membership.

In general, this course has provided me with the basic knowledge and awareness towards digitalisation in the accounting and finance field, and how it will potentially lead to many changes in which we need to learn, adapt and adopt in order to remain relevant in the profession.

The key takeaway is to look into potential opportunities in my current role and how to apply the knowledge gained from here in order to generate value. There is also a continuing need to maintain inquisitive and curious towards developments in technologies and digital transformation.."

Read his post which he shared on his profile here

Yllka Kadrijaj Researcher/Open to new opportunities (Austria)

"#CertDIF A rewarding course from #ACCA, that sharpened my skills and picked up a few new ones along the way! #finance #digitalinnovation#digitaltransformation."

Read her post which she shared on his profile here

Tanveer Mahtab-Ahmed FCCA, CertDIF UK Head of Accounting & Tax at TMF Group

"Taking the real opportunity to use this time topping up on my ACCA qualification by studying towards "ACCA Certificate in Digital Innovation for Finance (CertDIF)".

Aim is to develop my knowledge, skills and awareness of innovations in digital technology and its impact on the finance profession.."

Read her post which she shared on his profile here

 If you would like to know more about the CERTDIF, do email us at or whatsapp/call us at +919643308079. You can also view the course listed on here

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