ACCA exam rules and regulations.

Apr 30, 2020by Eduyush Team

ACCA exam rules and regulations. What you should keep in mind?

Yes, the time has finally arrived to perform at the exam. The final dress rehearsal is here. This blog explains what to do in the final hours before you take your ACCA exam. Simple things like knowing what to wear, what to bring, and how to act at the exam can make a big difference in your performance.

The exam rules and regulations are printed on the back side of your ACCA exam docket (available to download via your Myacca login). You can also read the exam rules when booking your exam entry.
This blog gives you insights on some ACCA exam rules and regulations so that you feel secure when taking the 3 hours and fifteen-minute ACCA exam.

ACCA dress code. What to wear?

Wear comfortable, loose clothes. So what if you gained weight during the study process? Break down and buy yourself some new jeans or sweatpants that feel comfortable. You could be hot during the exam, or cold, depending on the time of the year, the time of the day, and the conditions at the test centre.

What you wear into the testing room is what you must wear for the entire exam. Candidates cannot remove any clothing during the ACCA exam process—not even simple things such as glasses, hair ribbons, and hair clips. Be sure you can tolerate your attire for the entire testing process. You may prop your glasses up on the top of your head, but you are not permitted to set them down on the desk.

Candidates who wear blazers that look like jackets or coats may be asked to store them. Wear shoes that can accommodate swollen feet. Sitting in one position for long periods can cause swelling. Anything tight may distract you. Think about what you plan to wear and ensure it is right for you.

Arrival time

ACCA rules stipulate you need to be at the ACCA exam centre within one hour of your exams. Arrive early—at least one hour and thirty minutes before your scheduled exam time. Keep any conversation light—the weather, a person’s nice shoes, and the colour of the carpet. Don’t talk about anything that requires you to expend brainpower. Save it for the exam. Smile pretty when the proctor takes your digital photo. Don’t think about exam content now. Allow the staff to check you in. Keep it light and happy.

 Things you need to bring to the exam centre?

ACCA allows students to bring the following to the exam centre and take them to their desk

  • Examination attendance docket (downloadable from your Myacca login)
  • Official means of photographic identification ( any ID proof which shows your date of birth, photo and full name and is written in English.)
  • Rulers, pens, pencils and an eraser
  • A simple noiseless, cordless pocket calculator and must not have a printout or graphic/word display facility in any language
  • Which type of calculator is allowed in ACCA exam?
  • A small bottle of water or soft drink, all labels removed. No other drinks or food are permitted.
  • Black ballpoint pen

No unauthorised items or materials are permitted on or about your person or at your desk except a mobile phone (or communication device of any type), smartwatch or other wearable technology, which must be declared, switched off and placed in a clear plastic bag and stowed underneath your chair or stored as directed by the exam centre staff.

What about your medications? What about smoking? After all, candidates are nervous and may desire food and/or a puff on a cigar or cigarette. Are candidates who take medications given a special exemption? I think you know the answer—no medicines, smoking materials, food, or beverages in the testing area. It’s a sterile environment. Eat before you go. Think about your medication requirements when you schedule your testing time. If you absolutely cannot work out a solution, check with your invigilator beforehand and ask him about the process.

ACCA Break Policy

Your first priority is the completion of the exam. You are not permitted to leave the exam room permanently until the end of the session. For the avoidance of doubt, this also applies before the exam has started if any question papers have been distributed (applicable to paper-based exams only) or if you have been seated at your designated computer workstation (applicable to computer-based exams only). If you are required to leave the exam room for a short period at any time, you will be escorted by an invigilator.

Time to begin

It’s time to start your engines. Well, maybe not entirely, but it is time to log on to your computer-based exam. After checking your identification and taking a digital photo of you, your invigilator will usher you into the testing area. Sit down, check your surroundings, and make yourself comfortable. Yes, get comfortable. You will be surprised—once you begin, you should be so engaged in the process that you won’t even notice who or what is happening around you.
Once the invigilator says that you may begin, take a deep breath; now, your time is your own.
Don’t think about what is happening around you. Yes, you are being watched. You are being videotaped the whole time you take the exam. Who cares? You are cute in your calm, relaxed, and collected state of mind. The camera crew that gets to videotape you is lucky. Being filmed is not a worry of yours.
Now it’s all about you showing them what you know.


  • Eduyush April 5, 2024 at 4:52 am

    Hi Dilip, yes your exam fees will be carried forward to the next attempt. We would also encourage you to look at the AICPA IFRS certification if you are not finding time for the ACCA DIPLOMA in IFR

  • Dilip Asher April 5, 2024 at 4:35 am

    If I have successfully canceled my booking and also got credit in respect of fees paid, can the fee be carried forward to December 2024 exam?

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