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Leadership Essentials Training Course

Leadership Essentials Training Course

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Managing employees may be a science but leading them is an art. Leaders in complex business environments require a multitude of essential skills to face the various situations that may arise. They need to be able to motivate, empower, and influence individuals.

They require the skills to communicate mission, vision, and value statements, as well as to lead innovation and adapt to changing business climates. They must have a critical understanding of organizational politics and emotional intelligence. To further their own development in these skills, leaders need a carefully designed personal leadership development plan.

The Leadership Essentials learning path prepares individuals to develop and apply these skills in the context of their own experience, and ultimately integrate them into their own work environment.

Supervisors, managers, directors, and individuals who want to develop their leadership skills.

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Total 6 hours

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Table of Content


Motivating Your Employees


Communicating Vision to Your Employees


Leading through Positive Influence


Leveraging Emotional Intelligence


Communicating a Shared Vision


Leader as Motivator


The Emotionally Intelligent Leader


Motivating Human Behavior


Key Elements of Business Execution


Building Innovation Cultures and Leaders


Leading Your Team through Change


Building a Leadership Development Plan


Aligning Unit Goals and Imperatives


Knowing When to Take Leadership Risks


Wanted-Innovation Leaders


Leading Teams through Change


Leading Innovation


Developing a Business Execution Culture


Leading Change

  • The course subscription validity period is for 6 or 12 Months respectively.
  • Since it’s an online course, hence the content cannot be downloaded.
  • The course access & the login credentials will be shared within 48 hrs of course enrollment.

All students will get a certificate upon successful completion of course. Click here for sample

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Vengat Raja
Very userfull and worth informative content

The course is very useful . very much thankful for the coordinators who has been having frequent followups, before taking the course I was thinking all in know about leadership standards, but while taking the session, I was very wonder there are many topics which we all are not aware and we wont practice in our corporate life. finally the course is very useful and money spent is reasonable.

Vengat Raja
Great contents.

Its a great experience with eduyush.com. I had gone through the course The voice of Leadership. Its really good to see that it cover all the things for a good leader which further enhanced my leadership skills. The topics like leader messaging, inspirational leadership, Effective leadership communication strategies & Self assessment and Motion really helped me to my profession.

Learn and grow

We should always learn and grow, at the every phase of life and career. Eduyush.com has also provided me the same with their soft skill courses which help me understand the personality traits of a leader and its practical implication.

Vijendra Burra
Leadership Essentials

eduyush is a mindblowing learning platform forworking peofessionals.have registerd for voice of leadership and issue focused negotiation course modules...my feedback is course content&coverage is excellent, staff support and guidance has exceeded my expectations and am sure this learning will help me tremendously at work..i would like to give it five stars.

Vinay Singhania
Leadership and managing your career

Eduyush is a wonderful platform for learning various professional courses virtually. The courses for which I have registered were comprehensive, contemporary and am sure that it will help me in enhancing my career prospects Eduyush has exceeded my expectations with their excellent services, Would strongly recommend eduyush to professionals who wish to achieve newer milestones in their career. The course which I chosen " Managing the Professional" AND LEADERSHIP ESSENTIAL IS good for enhance the career goal and opportunities. The course covers all the topic of the management related, employee related and relationship between management and employee. The course also contains question-answer for which you think as a management. Somewhere also covers video conversation also.

Himanshu Saxena
Leadership Essentials

I enrolled for Leadership Essentials course and it was a great learning experience with eduyush.com. This is a great service where you can get enrolled, trained and certified quickly. You have to put in some efforts to devote some time daily to your course and complete it as soon as possible, with great results. Highly recommended. Keep up the excellent work Team!