CIMA BPP 2 books Management level (2022 edition). Combo of Course & Exam Kit

CIMA BPP 2 books Management level (2022 edition). Combo of Course & Exam Kit - Eduyush

CIMA BPP 2 books Management level (2022 edition). Combo of Course & Exam Kit

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Who is it for

Anyone preparing for the Management level exams of E2, F2 and P2 (Professional)

Why is it important

The primary reason students fail the  Professional exams is the lack of practice of questions and the way they write the answers. This book will help you

Book Provider

BPP - CIMA approved learning partner

Book validity

For syllabus from November 2020 till Jan 2022

What books does it have

  1. Course Book

  2. Exam Practice kit

Delivery of this book

Within 3-5 working days of placing the order

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