CIMA BPP books Case Study Text for Operational, Mgmt and Strategic.

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CIMA BPP ebook Case study text 2021 edition - Eduyush
CIMA BPP ebook Case study text 2021 edition - Eduyush
CIMA BPP ebook Case study text 2021 edition - Eduyush
CIMA BPP ebook Case study text valid till Jan 2021 - Eduyush

CIMA BPP ebook Case study text 2021 edition for Exams from January 2021

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Who is it for

Anyone preparing for the case study exams for Operational, Management or Strategic Exams

Why is it important

The primary reason students fail the  Case study exams is the lack of practice of Case study and the way they write the answers. This book will help you

Book Provider

BPP - CIMA approved learning partner

Book validity

For syllabus from January 2021

Global delivery We deliver globally. For your convenience, we display prices based on conversion rates of your country's geolocation, checkout will be in INR using the same conversion rates.

Format of the book

Its an e-book, it can be read on the browser or downloaded for offline reading on the BPP app. The hard copies are not available due to COVID. Go Digital and save a tree.

Delivery of this e-book

Within 3-5 working days of placing the order

Multi-book discount

If you buy more than 2 books in one go, take an additional 5% discount. Use code CIMABOOKS at checkout

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Need online training The ebooks also come with the BPP online training. The validity of the online training is for 6 months



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What do you get

You get access to the latest edition 2021  of the case study of the level of your choice.

BPP Learning Media supports aspiring business professionals with top-quality learning materials, designed to fit seamlessly around the demands of full-time work and everyday life.

Our Integrated Case Study Practice Workbook provides you with the knowledge, understanding, skills and application techniques required for the Management level.

  • large bank of practice tasks and solutions
  • detailed case study exam technique
  • guidance and BPP’s recommended approach
  • how to demonstrate core competencies and skills


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Sanelisiwe Nduli
    t is easy to buy and quite reasonable

    t is easy to buy and quite reasonable

    C Wang

    the delivery and service are both excellent, but as there are no big changes about cource text book comparing last version(2019), it's a little bit wast for me, but except that, everything is perfect.

    Vali masthan Vali

    Not up to the expectations

    Vishnu Varadhan

    The delivery was quick, team worked well to make sure that I have received my order correctly and happy with my purchase with eduyush.

    Very quick Delivery.

    Very quick Delivery. Highly responsive customer support.

    Kriti Luthra
    Five stars

    Good study book and so much easier to read as an ebook