BPP ACCA ebooks F8 AA Audit and Assurance exams Sep20-Jun21.

Get exam ready for March 22. Original BPP ebooks and hardcopy. Get additional 6% off

BPP ACCA set of 2 ebooks - F8 AA Audit & Assurance papers (Sep 20-June 21). - Eduyush
BPP set of 2 ebooks - ACCA F8 AA Audit & Assurance papers (Sep 20-June 21). - Eduyush
BPP ACCA set of 2 ebooks - F8 AA Audit & Assurance papers (Sep 20-June 21). - Eduyush

BPP ACCA set of 2 ebooks - F8 AA Audit & Assurance papers (Mar21-June 21).

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Who is it for

Anyone preparing for the F8 AA Audit and Assurance papers

Why is it important

We recommend an ebook as lots of students who have taken the CBE exams have said it was disorienting to sit for 3.15 hours writing an exam on a screen. They wished they had prepared for the exam using an ebook instead of the hard copy to get them accustomed for the 3.15 hour screen time under pressure.


Instant, our bots will instantly deliver the codes to your email box.


For syllabus from Sep20- June 2021

What books does it have

  1. Study Text now renamed as Workbook

  2. Practice and revision kit


Its an e-book, it can be read on the browser or downloaded for offline reading on the BPP app. 


5% on 2 subjects in a single purchase - use ACCABOOKS

ACCA Registration

 We are authorized partners of ACCA and we will help you with the registration for Indian students.

Benefits of ebook Ebooks are more convenient. Its the initial hesitation of switching from hard copy to ebook. Once you get used to it, its a breeze. Read the benefits here



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Do you have an app?

Yes. Download the mobile app 'BPP eBooks' from the Google Play store or the Apple App Store.


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Can I return my eBook?

No, ebooks once purchased can't be returned



Who is it for

Anyone wanting online coaching for the F8 AA Audit and Assurance papers. It's perfect training material for self-study students

Why is it important

This is a power-packed solution, oriented towards the exam preparation. It has all the features which a student needs to crack the exams. 

Course Provider

BPP - ACCA Platinum training partner. View a feature video here

Course Validity

Course access is for 6 months with unlimited views

What's in the course

  1. Online recorded lectures (unlimited views)
  2. Assessments and Mock tests
  3. CBE software practice area
  4. Further Practice questions (printable)

How do you access the course

The course is delivered on the BPP Virtual Learning Environment on bpp.com

Delivery of this course

You will receive your login within 3-5 working days from BPP directly

Multi-course discount

If you buy more than 2 courses in one go, take an additional 5% discount. Use code ACCABOOKS at checkout

Need a call back

 Whatsapp us here

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How do I access the mobile app?

A link to download the app for both iOS and Android devices is available in the Getting Started section.


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Can I do step assessments on my mobile?

You should complete your step assessments on your desktop as this will mimic your real exam environment.


Does the mobile sync with desktop?

Yes, if you have been working using your App, the next time you log into your desktop the progress will synchronize between both devices.


Who should I contact if I have any other questions? For any other queries then please email bpptac@bpp.com

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BPP ACCA F7 Financial Reporting book. Combo of Workbook & Practice and Revision Kit. Valid upto Jun 22 exams

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Timely delivery.

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Perfect buy.. with ease

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BPP ACCA Applied Skills PM Performance Management F5 Books. Workbook & Practice & Revision Kit valid Upto Jun 22 exams

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BPP 2 books set - ACCA Applied Skill papers (Sep 21 - June 22). Hardcopy of Workbook & revision kit

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Reliable study material

Thank you for making it available.