Founders Message

A Message from our Founder –


We’ve spent a lot of time pondering over the implications and impact of the work we do here at, and how it can best serve the finance community, and what we can best offer to the market and our students.


After much reasoning and contemplation, the notion that perhaps best describe our inspiration is the idea of ‘Reskilling India’. The inspiration of ‘reskilling’ and can possibly be stemmed from my experience in the Indian career industry and an early comprehension of the Indian job market at The idea that India’s workforce requires reskilling amid a global competition made the concept of an online marketplace for learning a lucrative as well as a socially powerful venture. That and the requirement of the industry catapulted the conception and growth for


At, our goal is to realize career dreams, potential and ambitions with long-term growth and relevance for working finance professionals. For that, we help cultivate the core skills needed to propel the careers of working professionals – considering ourselves the proverbial equivalent of Gym trainers in skilling, who push people to train hard and fill them with confidence.


We partner with the world’s leading course providers to offer the highest quality, career-focused online short courses that can instill skills that are relevant and recognized by the industry as well as create a better and advanced career trajectory for working professionals.


The market requirements as well as our strong and sustainable model positions us well for further growth. If you’re keen on learning more about, or would like to collaborate in a venture that helps augment the Indian job industry, reach out to us on email. We’ll look forward to meeting you.

Vicky Sarin