DipIFRS vs CertIFRS: Which is Best?

Apr 11, 2020by Vanessa Bowers


Are you an accountant or finance professional considering your professional development options? Have you considered taking the Diploma in International Financial Reporting Standards (DipIFR) or Certificate in International Financial Reporting Standards (CertIFRS)?

Both offer a range of benefits to their holders, but which is best for your particular needs? In this blog post, we'll explore the two qualifications and help you decide how each can benefit your career.

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Eligibility: The eligibility criteria differ with whether a student wants to do a Certification or a Diploma

Certification:  There is no strict eligibility for doing certification. Candidate should be 18+ and a candidate should have basic knowledge of accounting standards to pursue the certification program.

Diploma: Qualified Chartered Accountants working independently or in a set up are qualified to appear for DipIFRS examination.

If you are working, but not yet qualified, then you may still be eligible. You will need to prove that you have one of the following:

  • Two years' relevant accounting experience and a relevant degree or CERTIFR
  • Three years' relevant accounting experience
  • ACCA affiliate status or a Chartered Accountant

 The table below illustrates the basic differences between a CertIFR and DIPIFR

Details  CertIFR DipIFR
Exam location Online At Centre
Exam time 1 hour 3 hours
Fees 140 GBP 220 GBP
Passing score 50% 50%
Type of exam Open book Proctored exam
Number of attempts 3 1
Preferred study material N/A BPP books
Exam results Immediate on completion ~ 45 days
Enrollment criteria Anyone  CA or anyone with 3 years of experience in finance
Recognition with recruiters Poor as its an easy exam, usually taken by students undergoing graduation Extremely high


Eduyush Recommendation : Diploma in IFRS, as its a written exam, makes you learn IFRS in-depth, and is more recruiter friendly.

If you need the same syllabus of ACCA Diploma in IFRS and recruiter attention, but need a certification, we recommend you to take the AICPA IFRS Program Certification.

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IFRS has scope in industries like IT, ITES, Software, Pharmaceutical, Automobile & Spare Parts, Professional Advisory Companies, Auditing Firms, Banking Industry, BPO, Insurance, KPIs, etc.

  • Skilled and experienced IFRS experts with thorough knowledge can launch their own financial consultancies to help companies migrate to IFRS
  • Hands-on knowledge of these worldwide principles and standards will open doors across the globe as more than 150 countries are using.
  • Using and applying accurately these standards is considerably complex process and is time-consuming as well which underlines the importance of IFRS professionals
  • Continuous modifications in these standards by regulators is all the more generating a requirement for IFRS professionals with an exhaustive understanding of these standards
  • Hence, there is a huge need to train professionals about IFRS in India in order to get prepared for IFRS convergence.
  • Students who pass their diploma in IFRS have a better salary as compared with just a certIFR

Not only would IFRS be a world-class qualification, but also a great professional advantage to have global skills, broader & essential knowledge. It gets an A+ on your resume, a greater recognition and better prospects.

Completing Diploma in IFRS is definitely the best thing to do and not just the Certification!

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